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Andrea Buchanan

Award-winning Filmmaker, Director, and Author

Award-winning filmmaker, director and writer Andrea Buchanan is a popular face on the speaker circuit, writes a weekly blog called “Note to Self” and has appeared in dozens of media outlets sharing insight and advice on how women can overcome tough times to ultimately triumph. She believes that we can overcome trouble, fears and complexities to live the life of our dreams, and continues to share a message of hope, strength and success for women everywhere.

Her book, Note to Self, draws out the unique, yet universal, stories of thirty dynamic women in her book. Celebrities such as Grammy Award-winning rock star Sheryl Crow and Emmy Award-winning actress Camryn Manheim join stunt woman Stacy Courtney, football player Katie Hnida, seventy- year-old HIV-positive grandmother Beverly London, and alcoholic-turned interventionist Candy Finnigan to reflect on their unforgettable stories of redemption.

Their stories illuminate the truth that life rarely works out exactly as we plan. Rejection by a cherished friend, the onset of an unexpected illness, struggle with body image and self-perception -- these experiences may challenge us, but our triumphs come to define us. These unstoppable women emerged stronger, wiser, and more successful from the often painful and humbling turning points in their lives.

At the podium, Andrea brings their stories to life, as well as shares her own tales of finding significance from adversity. Punctuated by tears and laughter, these poignant anecdotes are full of incredible strength, invaluable knowledge, insurmountable odds, helpful survival instincts, amazing willpower, humiliation -- and a hefty dose of humor. Audiences find comfort, joy, tears, and laughter in the wisdom, insight, and empathy gleaned from these incredible, every day tales.

As a filmmaker, Andrea is best known for her work on the critically acclaimed series, Vh-1 Behind The Music. She has produced and directed documentaries for various television networks which have taken her all over the world filming black bears, flying over active volcanoes and profiling some of the country’s most prolific artists and well known political leaders. In 2004, with four friends, she made a documentary about the March for Women’s Lives (the largest march in the country’s history) and was forever ignited into the world of political activism. In 2006, in conjunction with Glamour Reel Moments she wrote and co-directed a short film with Jennifer Aniston, entitled “Room 10” starring Robin Wright-Penn and Kris Kristofferson.

She proudly sits on the Board of Directors of the Joyful Heart Foundation, founded by Mariska Hargitay whose mission is to heal, educate and empower survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse and shed light into the darkness that surrounds these issues.

Andrea resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Jason, and their three dogs. She is always working hard to be in a constant state of gratitude.

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