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Andrea Raynor

Author, Chaplain, Minister, & Cancer Survivor

Reverend Andrea Raynor has seen many wonders of the human spirit in her years as a hospice chaplain. In the aftermath of September 11th, she served as a chaplain to the morgue at Ground Zero, and walked with the brave firemen, police officers, and medical personnel as they strived to honor the dead. Amidst the carnage, she offered blessings over remains and support to the many workers there. Finding the remains of those who perished took its toll on Raynor and many of her colleagues, but she found relief and care in her loving relationship with her husband, humor, and prayer.

Raynor has taken her transcendent experiences as a worker of the spirit and gathered them in her uplifting, poignant collection of personal essays The Voice That Calls You Home: Inspiration for Life’s Journeys. In the collection and her presentations, she shares some of her most poignant experiences of helping to bring peace to those who are about to cross over, relating these moments to her own life as a daughter, wife, mother, and member of a diverse spiritual community.

Raynor is a gifted storyteller who bravely shares some of the challenges she has faced, giving audiences insight into how we can rise to the task of embracing what is to come. She has lectured throughout the New York area and has appeared as a guest on public television and radio. She poetically shares how we must remember and honor the dead, thereby giving a wondrous shape to life.

Raynor brings audiences along her own personal journey finding a mature and sustainable understanding of faith and God. Understanding that life isn’t clear-cut and that belief in God isn’t always easy, she demonstrates an appreciation of God and the various ways Spirit is manifest in the soothing gestures of ordinary people providing comfort to those in need. She has taken this awareness and used it in her hospice work as a Protestant chaplain, bringing consolation to those who are dying and their loved ones. She has an uncanny ability to tie her growth as a spiritual provider to the life experiences of others, whose stories are rendered with refreshing candor and charm.

Raynor’s faith was put to the test in a huge way when she was informed she had breast cancer. Beset by fear and alarm, she underwent a lumpectomy a mere six days after her diagnosis. Over the next few weeks, her life underwent a radical change as the always-giving caretaker allowed the people around her to take care of her.

Raynor is a graduate of Harvard Divinity School, is a United Methodist minister, a chaplain, and a cancer survivor. She served as the Chaplain to the Jansen Memorial Hospice in Tuckahoe, New York for over ten years, has worked with the homeless in NYC and Boston, and was a pastor to churches in NY, CT, and MA. She currently lives with her family in Westchester, New York, where she is the Chaplain to the Rye Fire Department.

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