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Andrew Lawler

Journalist and Author of Why did the Chicken Cross the World?

Journalist Andrew Lawler landed his first job as a reporter just days before the 1986 Challenger space shuttle disaster and spent the next decade and a half in Washington covering science and technology politics as a staff writer for several publications. After a year at MIT as a Knight Science Journalism fellow, he founded the New England bureau of Science magazine and began reporting frequently on archaeology in the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Far East. Lawler’s articles and op-ed pieces have appeared in more than a dozen publications, including National Geographic, Smithsonian, The New York Times, Slate, and The Washington Post, as well as in several volumes of the Best of American Science and Nature Writing. Lawler is a contributing writer to Science and Archaeology and has previously spoken at universities, such as Boston University and New York University, as well as museums and numerous conferences.

In his presentation, Lawler, author of Why Did the Chicken Cross the World?, provides an informative look at humanity’s most important companion. Chicken is our most important source of protein today, and the key to the urban revolution sweeping the world. But the bird is more than a common meal choice, and it wasn’t even domesticated for food. The chicken has been a prestige object, a truth teller, a miraculous elixir, a tool of the devil, an exorcist of sin, a gambling aid, and the source of fabulous wealth.

No other animal has attracted so many legends, superstitions, and beliefs across so many societies and eras.

Finally, after a long stint as the butt of bad jokes, the chicken is getting its due. Archaeologists are analyzing its bones to understand how humans created the first civilizations, settled the scattered islands of Polynesia, and conducted ancient religious rituals. Paleontologists are using it to trace how dinosaurs turned into birds. And neuroscientists are finding surprising evidence that the chicken brain can perform tasks once thought unique to humans. All this work in the lab and field provides a new perspective on our own species. Chasing chickens, we learn more about who we are.

Lawler’s image-rich and entertaining presentation, based on his travels around the world to research Why Did the Chicken Cross the World?, will forever change the way you think—not just about chickens, but about yourself.

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