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Bryan Chavis

Overcoming Adversity, The Bryan Chavis Story

Bryan is not your normal business practitioner. Bryan‘s path to successful entrepreneurship has been met with insurmountable challenges. As a child Bryan had to overcome learning disabilities. Being singled-out, labeled as dyslexia and slow learner, having his desk placed in a refrigerator box in the second grade so as not to disturb the other students.

As an adult being diagnosed with a brain tumor, battling the diagnosis for four years while in during weekly seizures and chemo therapy. all this while still having to run his business. Bryan will leave your audience with an overwhelming ability to of tap into their own ability to succeed no matter the challenges. It’s almost guarantee that your audience will leave repeating his life story to help motivate others.

From the author of the real estate investment bible Buy It, Rent It, Profit! comes a fresh guide to teach new and aspiring landlords how to go from managing a single rental property to successfully managing a large rental portfolio.

In his first book, real estate expert Bryan Chavis created the ultimate how-to guide for buying and managing rental properties, with practical, realistic ways to build lasting, long-term wealth. Now, he takes his acclaimed program one step further.

The Landlord Entrepreneur shifts the focus from dealing exclusively with residential real estate to building a dynamic property management business. By following the step-by-step instructions in this new guide, anyone can create a fully functioning, professional property management company in only ten days. With Chavis’s modern take on real estate, you will learn the five phases of property management and the skills needed to successfully move through them—as well as the hacks and tricks to build your profitable business from the ground up.

Full of smart, practical business advice,The Landlord Entrepreneur is the only guide you need to become a successful property manager in today’s real estate market.

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  • Buy It, Rent It, Profit: The Five Phases of Property Management

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