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Christina McDowell

Author of After Perfect: A Daughter’s Memoir

It wasn’t until Martin Scorsese’s film was released that Christina McDowell made the connection between her father and Jordan Belfort, the so-called Wolf of Wall Street. In protest, she penned an opinion piece for LA Weekly titled “An Open Letter to the Makers of The Wolf of Wall Street, and the Wolf Himself,” urging Americans not to support the film, reminding citizens that crimes such as Belfort’s and her father’s have victims. And those victims deserve a voice. Within hours, her piece went viral, stirring an international debate and becoming one of the most controversial opinion pieces ever written about a Hollywood film. It was shared 200,000 times on Facebook, and half a million times across all social media. Christina received thousands of emails from strangers across the globe who shared their personal stories about being defrauded and lied to, and how they agreed that the American value system of glorifying criminals and greed has become epidemic.

Christina wrote her debut memoir, After Perfect, as part of an ongoing journey toward recovering from the destruction her father wrought. In 2004, when Christina was eighteen and living a privileged and fairytale life around the corner from the Kennedys, the FBI arrested her father for securities fraud. Shortly after he left for prison, Christina discovered he had stolen her identity and left her in nearly $100,000 worth of debt. In After Perfect, Christina takes a searing look at not just a controversial financial time, but also at herself, a child whose “normal” belonged only to the one percent. From Washington, D.C. high society to the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles, Christina offers a rare insider’s and daughter’s perspective on the collateral damage of a fall from grace. She explores with candid clarity themes such as class, ethics, and family values with the hope that it will inspire change—a true tale of hardship, love, redemption, and ultimately, forgiveness.

Christina McDowell is an advocate for restorative justice and criminal justice reform. She has traveled to state prisons to speak on behalf of families of the incarcerated and victims of crime. She is the co-producer of the soon to be released documentary The Survivor’s Guide to Prison, about America’s mass incarceration crisis, and is a teacher with InsideOUT Writers, a nonprofit that uses writing as a catalyst for personal change for currently and formerly incarcerated youth.

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