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Crystal McVea

Best-selling author of Waking Up in Heaven: A True Story of Brokenness, Heaven, and Life Again

On December 10, 2009, Crystal McVea died and went to heaven…

For most of her life, McVea was a sinner and a skeptic who wasn’t sure if God was real. If God was real, she believed God couldn’t possibly love her because of all the terrible things she’d done. Growing up, she was the victim of sexual abuse. As a teenager she had an abortion. For a while she jumped from one bad relationship to the next. Compounding these issues, she kept all the horrors of her life completely secret, hiding them behind a curtain of shame and guilt. And because of that she could not live a happy or authentic life. She was completely lost.

Then God found her and decided to give her a spectacular gift—God brought her to heaven. And what God showed her changed her right down to the very core of her being. What God showed her broke all the chains that bound her and ripped away her curtain of shame and guilt.

And then God sent McVea back and told her to tell her story—her whole story—which she has done in Waking Up In Heaven, her new book from the Simon & Schuster’s Howard Books. Since its publication, McVea has been overwhelmed by letters from people who see themselves in her story—and who feel the burdens of their own shame and guilt being lifted away by God.

And that is why McVea wants to go out into the world and share her message with everyone—the message that God loves us all, and forgives us all, and that you don’t have to die and go to heaven to feel the absolute glory of God’s presence.

In her presentation, McVea talks about the day she died—the simple procedure that she went into the hospital for, the frantic moments when she stopped breathing and turned blue, the crush of doctors trying to revive her, and the remarkable thing that happened when she opened her eyes: she woke up in heaven. She goes on to describe, in all its glory, the brilliant light, the radiant figures of her two guardian angels, the overwhelming presence of God, and the magical, magical thing God chose to show her—a vision of herself as a perfect and innocent three-year-old girl. She also describes how she came back from heaven, to her hospital room, and her struggle to understand why God sent her back, along with her ultimate realization that God has a plan for her to share his beautiful message of love and hope and forgiveness.

McVea was born in southwest Oklahoma and still lives there today. She is a schoolteacher and has four lovely children. She and her husband Virgil, a US Army veteran, are devout Christians and active in their local church.

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  • God’s Perfect Plan: Demonstrating how God’s plan for us is perfect, despite the fact that we may not be able to fully understand it.
  • Secrets and Shame: Dealing with the hidden secrets and shame that can prevent us from living prosperous lives.
  • The Struggle to Find God: The struggle with doubting God’s existence and place in our lives
  • Heaven on Earth: Appreciating and noticing God’s presence in our daily lives

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