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Dylan Ratigan

Television Host, Award-Winning Journalist, and Author

Dylan Ratigan is the host of MSNBC’s The Dylan Ratigan Show, one of the highest-rated daytime shows on the network. This make-versus-take, analysis-driven daily broadcast fearlessly takes on the world of politics, money, and the unholy alliance between big business and government.

The former global managing editor for corporate finance at Bloomberg News, Ratigan has developed and launched more than half a dozen broadcast and new media properties. They include CNBC’s Fast Money and Closing Bell, as well as DylanRatigan.com, which is home to his podcast, “Greedy Bastards Antidote.”

Ratigan left as host of Fast Money in 2009, provoked by outrage over the government’s handling of the 2008 financial crisis. Since then, he has dedicated his work to launching platforms that engage and debate the U.S. government on policy, while opening the door for millions to learn more about money’s often poisonous role in our democracy.

After years of learning about the details of an American decision-making system centered on exploitation and extraction, Ratigan lost his temper on-air. Instead of just being angry, Dylan wrote Greedy Bastards: How We Can Stop Corporate Communists, Banksters, and Other Vampires from Sucking America Dry. Ratigan reveals the details of this broken system, and more importantly, what we can do today to fix it.

Drawing on more than fifteen years of experience as one of the nation’s top financial journalists, Ratigan not only explains in plain English in this book and his presentations what is happening to our country, but also offers specific, substantive ways to shepherd in a new era of solutions that can release a renaissance of growth and innovation.

Since 2009, Ratigan has committed himself to exposing the unholy alliance between private interests and government, which preserves the status quo at the expense of America's future. Following the money trail, Ratigan discovered that many bankers were no better than gangsters, shaking down the American people again and again. The theft was “banksters” selling bad insurance on loans and keeping the income even when they failed to pay legitimate claims. The cover-up was the government’s choice to print trillions of dollars in new money to make it seem (for a while) as if the problem had been fixed.

Yet the problem has not been fixed. Unemployment has exploded to the highest levels since the Depression, even though the Great Recession has supposedly ended. Fifteen million American homeowners – more than one in five – now underwater, owe more to the banks than their homes are worth. The richest 1% of the nation now take home 24% of the income, up from 9% in 1976. While American jobs and investment drain away to other countries, the U.S. mints billionaires like never before.

With the upheavals of the digital revolution, each of these once-productive industries should have died a natural death, Ratigan contends. But instead of making room for the new industries and new solutions of the twenty-first century, they refused to die, thanks to a massive flow of corporate money into politics and legions of highly-paid lobbyists. Under the protection of “corporate communists,” they became the undead – trillion-dollar vampires sucking the lifeblood out of American capitalism, preying on the customers they used to serve and threatening our jobs, our homes, and our future.

With lively and vivid anecdotes, Ratigan explains how the greedy bastards get away with it – and how to change the systems and behavior that encourages more of it. Greedy Bastards is a call to action. It provides the framework that exposes the need to get money out of politics and a plan to restructure debt and investment to unleash growth. It creates an opportunity for Americans to enlist in a foundation to create the solutions. Ratigan launched the nonprofit, Get Money Out, with the singular objective to pass a 28th Constitutional amendment to separate business and state. “When we reform the money in politics, America will have the debate it deserves,” Ratigan asserts.

It can be disturbing, Ratigan admits, to recognize that we face so many big and difficult challenges at once. “But the more I investigated the greedy bastards that have overrun the country,” he writes, “the more encouraged I became. Why? Because I was looking for people with solutions, and I found that solutions are abundant. . . . The real problem isn’t finding solutions. The real problem is that the status quo is so profitable for greedy bastards that they do all they can to prevent these new solutions from being implemented. But I am optimistic because that means we have only one root problem: breaking the grip of the vampire industries so that we can restore American prosperity.”

Or as Ratigan quotes Gloria Steinem in the book, “The truth will set you free – but first it will piss you off.”

Since late September 2011, more than 300,000 people have pledged support, millions of dollars have been raised, and an organization with a staff of a dozen people has been formed under Ratigan’s leadership to pursue the singular objective to pass a 28th Constitutional amendment to separate business and state.

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