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Garret Kramer

Founder of Inner Sports & Author of Stillpower

Garret Kramer is the founder and managing partner of Inner Sports, LLC. He has provided consulting and/or crisis management services to hundreds of athletes and coaches; from well-known professionals, Olympians, and teams, to high school and collegiate players across a multitude of sports. A former collegiate ice hockey player, Kramer is credited with bringing the principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought to the athletic community at large.

Kramer is the author of the book, Stillpower: Excellence with Ease in Sports and Life; foreword written by NHL and U.S. Olympic star Zach Parise. For years, athletes, coaches, parents, and organizations have searched for the secrets to optimum mental performance. Today, however, in spite of a myriad of tools, techniques, and strategies, consistent success and contentment are as elusive as ever. We see young athletes pushed so hard that 70 percent quit organized sports by the age of thirteen. Every day a high school, collegiate, or pro athlete makes headlines for his or her errant behavior—not to mention, talented and industrious players repeatedly failing to deliver in “clutch” moments.

While many insist that athletics is a great way to learn life lessons and expand life skills, this development is not taking place. Now, in Stillpower, Kramer provides a revolutionarily simple explanation and understanding. And he reveals the innate principles behind consistent performance and success—on and off the field.

Virtually all of us are looking outside of ourselves, hoping to unlock the keys to happiness and success. In Stillpower, Kramer encourages audiences to look within to finally find the answers.

Kramer’s coaching protocol revolves around the innate principles of mind, consciousness, and thought; and the inside-out foundation of the human experience. Since a person’s state of mind creates his or her experience (a person’s experience does not create his or her state of mind), he does not provide external tools, techniques, or strategies that only bind a person’s thinking and intuitive functioning. Instead, he teaches his clients what is happening behind the scenes in their own heads—how the human mind operates. It is this understanding that allows insights and answers to become obvious, and performance levels to increase.

Kramer often lectures on topics related to the states of mind that lead to success on the playing field, but in business and personal growth as well. He has been featured on WFAN, ESPN Radio, WOR, FOX, CTV, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, the Newark Star Ledger, the Toronto Star, the Philadelphia Daily News, and other syndicated programs and magazines.

Kramer lives in New Jersey with his wife and three children.

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