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J Michael Zenn

Wellness Expert & Author

J. Michael Zenn is simply an average guy who, in 1991, lost the hero of his life, his dad. His father was overweight, plagued with chronic illness, and taking several pharmaceuticals. He was only 57 years old when he collapsed with a massive heart attack.

At the age of 40, Zenn looked in the mirror and saw the frightening image of his father’s disease. Overweight, without energy, troubled digestion, and on the verge of chronic illness himself...Zenn determined that he would not die far too early in life as his father had.

In order to save his own life, Zenn poured himself into learning everything he could about wellness (calls himself the Human Sponge). Zenn read over 200 books, scoured 1000 websites, listened to countless CDs and tapes, traveling hundreds of miles to talk with some of most enlightened people on the planet.

What Zenn learned was shocking and truly life altering. Within a few months he had lost 50 pounds, 6 inches from his waist and began to feel and look younger than he had in a two decades. What he discovered was so revolutionary he decided to leave his job, spend a year writing a book, and dedicate his life to telling everyone about this powerful, new-found message, what he calls The Self Health Revolution.

He describes himself as just “an ordinary guy who discovered an extraordinary secret” that he now feels compelled to share with the average, ordinary people everywhere.

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