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Jeff Scot Philips

Health and Wellness Writer and Speaker

“I controlled what you eat, I controlled how much of it, and how often. Everything you think you know about nutrition and weight loss came from me.” — Jeff Scot Philips

Jeff Scot Philips is a certified nutritionist, former CEO of a food manufacturing company, and author. In his book, Big Fat Food Fraud, and his presentations, Philips shares his journey through both the food and weight loss sectors, and exposes the corruption in both industries. In his early twenties Philips started a small-time meal delivery operation out of his condo kitchen and grew the business to be a national food production company—producing, packaging, and distributing meals for popular brands across the country.

“That’s when the corruption began.”

Philips reveals how consumers are lied to from every corner of the industry, from bribe-seeking health inspectors, to greedy investors, to a corrupted Department of Agriculture and a lethargic Food and Drug Administration. He shares how the food industry influences health professionals—personal trainers, dietitians, weight loss experts, and doctors—and how they easily manipulate food labels, and the media, in order to trick consumers into eating food that’s making them overweight and sick.

“These secrets were too juicy to keep.”

After witnessing firsthand how the industry harms us and the people we care about, he left the business and made it his mission to spread the message and to teach consumers how to fix the world’s heart disease, diabetes, and obesity epidemics. His rare insights into the world of health food manufacturing allow him to offer a unique perspective to his audiences, as he dazzles them with humorous spins on horrific stories of the food we eat, and all of the lies and corruption that surround it.

When asked by the host of The Doctors, Travis Stork, how the food industry creates diet scams, Philips informed him, “We just made stuff up, sent it out to medical trade journals, in press releases, and directly to your doctor, who then told you to live by it…and nobody checked us on it.” He was quoted in the New York Post and on Fox News as saying…

“The cold truth is: Food labels aren’t there to educate you…
They’re there to help market to you.”

In Philips’ presentations, his audiences forget they’re being educated on the food industry as they laugh—and sometimes shutter—at his highly-entertaining stories, and they walk away knowing, not only what they can do to improve their own health, but also feeling hopeful about the future of the food industry, and what can be done to fix it.

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