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Jennifer Ketcham

Author, TV Personality & Former Adult Star

Jennifer Ketcham is an author, reality television personality, and former adult star who after appearing on Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew and Sober House with Dr. Drew, left the adult business to pursue an education and dream of becoming a writer. What came of that endeavor is her strikingly honest and disarming memoir, I Am Jennie, about her descent into the emotionally numbing world of pornography and addiction to sex, drugs, and alcohol, and her path towards recovery and becoming Jennie once more.

When Ketcham signed up for VH1’s Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew, she was known only by her on-camera alter ego, Penny Flame, and her only intention was to drum up publicity for her newly launched Webcam studio. But when Dr. Drew and his staff insisted she go by her real name, the once indestructible walls she had built around herself began to burn down. Slowly, she encountered what she least expected: the beginning of her recovery.

Ketcham tells her story through two different sets of eyes—that of a troubled girl desperately fleeing from intimacy and healthy relationships; and that of a woman courageously breaking down emotional barriers to build a new life. In I Am Jennie, she shares:

• Losing her virginity at thirteen, and beginning a game of initiating boys her age into “manhood.”
• How her parents’ divorce and drug addictions influenced her own intimacy and drug problems.
• Her journey up the ladder in the world of adult entertainment—from nude modeling, to soft-core pornography, to hard-core pornography.
• Behind-the-scenes details of her time on Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew and Sober House with Dr. Drew—from her initial resistance, to gradual acceptance, and emotional breakdowns
• The reaction of her agents, managers, and co-workers when she announced she was quitting, and her struggle to support herself financially afterward.
• Her everyday effort to remain Jennie, and continue the healthy relationships she has developed since letting go of Penny Flame.

Today, Penny Flame is Jennie Ketcham once again. She’s back in school for psychology, in a committed relationship, and has reconnected with her family. After leaving the world of pornography, Jennie began a blog to deal with her pain which now has over 1.5 million viewers.

Ketcham’s experience is unique, but stemmed from common issues: confusing sex with self-worth, addiction with love, detachment with strength. Ultimately, I Am Jennie is a story of a woman who considers herself a work in progress but who finally understands that the only person she can truly afford to be is herself.

Ketcham’s presentations are tailored specifically for the crowd to whom she speaks. The arc of her presentation moves from what it was like, what happened to inspire change and the healing process thereafter. Vibrant and honest, her presentations engage listeners and prove relatable on multiple emotional levels.

Ketcham currently blogs for the Huffington Post Los Angeles and her own recovery blog, She lives in Los Angeles.

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