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Jeremy Iversen

America's Youth Expert

A passionate, articulate, and dynamic coach who joins deep expertise in the 71-million-strong Millennial Generation with unrivaled first-hand experience, Jeremy Iversen has quickly risen to become America’s leading expert on youth.

Rocketing to national prominence after a semester undercover in high school, Iversen has a unique gift to clarify the intricate mysteries of youth culture to adults—and offer perspective to teens and college students—that places him high in demand for a wide range of venues. He connects with profound rapport and speaks the language of audiences ranging from corporate executives to high school freshmen.

As the author of a seminal pair of books, Iversen has helped bring America’s unknown youngest into the public consciousness. Hitting national bestseller lists within two days of publication, High School Confidential relates his time undercover and reveals what really goes on behind the scenes with teens. His novel Rush focuses on coming-of-age, college life, and the Greek system, with a launch that took him on a speaking and radio tour of 21 colleges across the country.

Iversen has featured in publications stretching from U.S.News & World Report and The Los Angeles Times to and Entertainment Weekly. He has guest-starred on local and national television shows including Good Morning America, The View, Inside Edition, Good Day Live, and CNN Showbiz Tonight, as well as more than seventy radio programs throughout the United States.

Fluent in Spanish and capable of addressing the bilingual audiences that reflect a rapidly diversifying generation, he has served as a policy consultant for both Republican and Democratic congressional and senate races, traveled to over sixty universities, and provided targeted, timely, and actionable youth advice to organizations ranging from The Partnership for a Drug-Free America to the nation’s largest private shopping-center developer.

In an age when reliable, practical, and high-quality information about a vast and opaque segment of America stands at a premium, Iversen’s exclusive knowledge bridges the gap between worlds and provides invaluable insight for marketers, advertisers, parents, teens, undergrads, educators, religious groups, youth workers, and policymakers of all stripes.

His broader experience includes working at the leading worldwide investment firm Merrill Lynch, cofounding a global development company, and spearheading research into the biological basis of religion at the University of Pennsylvania. He has spent time in 26 countries and lived in several Latin American nations.

Iversen was graduated cum laude with highest honors from the Phillips Exeter Academy and Phi Beta Kappa with distinction from Stanford University, where he received dual degrees in international relations and political science.

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