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Kim Stolz

Former MTV News Correspondent and America's Next Top Model Contestant, current Vice President of Equity Derivatives sales at Citigroup and author of Unfriending My Ex

Former MTV News Correspondent and America's Next Top Model Contestant and current Vice President of Equity Derivatives sales at Citigroup, Kim Stolz’s first publication Unfriending My Ex (And Other Things I’ll Never Do), which explores the effect that social networking, smart phones and reality television have had on society and her generation, will be published in June 2014 by Scribner.

"The cliche holds that anyone south of 30 years old is enriched by digital devices, and happily spends their waking hours on Facebook and Twitter, expanding their network, becoming empowered as writers and thinkers, achieving fame, overthrowing corrupt governments. In this reader-friendly and cogently argued book, Kim Stolz shares another story -- of her digital addiction and how it enslaved her, fraying friendships, and attention spans, and making her and members of her generation less, not more, connected. Unfriending My Ex is a punch in the nose, meant not to knock out technology, but to jolt us to seek more balance in our lives. Because it is so personally honest, it will rivet your attention." – Ken Auletta, author of Googled

Stolz graduated from The Brearley School in 2001 and went on to attend Wesleyan University where she graduated with honors for her thesis “The Impact of Exit Strategies on US Intervention Abroad in the Post-Cold War Era.” After graduation, Stolz surprised friends and family with stint on America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 5, and then began working at MTV as a news anchor, interviewing a virtual who's who of public figures ranging from Jay-Z to Lady Gaga to President Barack Obama.

Stolz has also been a contributor to Fox News, CNN and CBS News. In 2012, Stolz opened up The Dalloway, a restaurant and bar in Soho, which has quickly become a hot spot for the downtown community.

She currently resides in New York City on the Upper East Side with her wife, Lexi Stolz.

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  • How Social Media Impacts Society and Relationships
  • Social media and the workplace
  • LGBT issues, especially as they relate to the workplace and business
  • Sexting and Cyberbullying in Schools in America

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