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Lauren Sandler

Bestselling Author, expert in cultural politics, religion, and inequality.

Journalist Lauren Sandler is an only child and the mother of one. After investigating what only children are really like and whether stopping at one child is an answer to reconciling motherhood and modernity, she learned a lot about herself—and a lot about our culture’s assumptions. Her new book, One and Only: The Freedom of Having an Only Child, and the Joy of Being One, questions our assumptions and considers whether stopping at one child might be liberating to parents everywhere.

At the podium, Sandler brings a passion and a laser-sharp intelligence to the subject that cuts through the anxiety, doubt, misinformation, and judgment about what it means to be an only child and what it means to have one. In this heartfelt work, Sandler legitimizes a conversation about the larger societal costs of having more than one. If parents no longer felt they had to have second children to keep from royally screwing up their first, would the majority of them still do it? And if the literature tells us that a child isn’t better off with a sibling than without one, and it’s not something parents truly want for themselves, then whom is this choice serving? One and Only examines these questions, exploring what the rise of the single-child family means for our economies, our environment, and our freedom. Through this journey, Sandler has quite possibly cracked the code of happiness, demonstrating that having just one may be the way to resolve our countless struggles with adulthood in the modern age.

Sandler’s career in journalism began in the mid-nineties at NPR in Washington, where she worked on All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Weekend Edition, and as a producer on the cultural desk. Sandler has written investigative reports, features, opinion pieces, and personal essays on cultural politics for publications including Time, The New York Times, Slate, The Atlantic, New York, The Nation, The New Republic, BusinessWeek, Elle, Marie Claire, The Guardian, Psychology Today, The Los Angeles Times, and Salon (where she was Life Editor). Lauren's first book, Righteous: Dispatches from the Evangelical Youth Movement is about her journalistic immersion into the young Evangelical Movement. She is a regularly featured commentator on gender issues and on religion for the BBC, and has appeared on NPR, PBS, CNN, ABC, MSNBC and CBS.

I addition to the topics covered in One and Only, Sandler is an expert and speaks about topics such as work/life balance, the evangelical movement, the implications of our falling birth rate, and a greater message about female empowerment and success.

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  • The Liberating Truth about Having an Only Child, and Being One
  • America’s Structural Barriers to Work/Parenting Balance
  • What Secularists can Learn from the Evangelical Movement
  • The Implications for Our Falling Birth Rate

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