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Lisa Oz

Writer, Producer, Actor & Entrepreneur

For 25 years, Lisa Oz has been the wife of Dr. Mehmet Oz,host of the nationally syndicated The Dr. Oz Show. But that is just one of her
many “relationships.” In addition to being a writer, producer, and actress, she is also an entrepreneur, and mother of four children. And for years, Lisa has been on a quest to nurture all of these relationships because she believes the quality of our existence is determined by the quality of our interactions. “What we believe, who we are and who we can become are all manifest through our dealings with others,” she says. “Our behavior is the only real measure of our character and 90% of the time our behavior involves someone else.” In her new book US: The Art of Relationships, Lisa Oz takes us on a spiritual journey toward a more connected, more enriched self— and a more fulfilling relationship with everyone around us.

In his Foreword to US, Dr. Oz says, “Lisa’s work has helped me immeasurably as I embarked on a path to teach health through the media. In fact, the entire journey in books and television was Lisa’s brainchild. All along she has emphasized a major message…We must find ourselves before changing the world, but paradoxically, we find ourselves best in relationship with others.”

US is divided into three parts: the first focuses on our relationship with ourselves and understanding our true identity, because as Lisa says, without knowing our authentic self, we can never be genuinely intimate with another person. The second section explores our interactions with other people—from our most intimate relations with lovers to the way we parent to the way we treat the homeless. And the third examines our connection with the spiritual—whether that is God or a feeling of divinity or the Universe. “These are the primary areas we live in relationship,” says Lisa. “In my opinion, they are interrelated and inseparable. We cannot love another person if we have no self-love and the only way we can demonstrate our devotion to the Divine is through our service for other people.”

Like Lisa’s book, her presentations are filled with anecdotes, research, and personal exercises designed to bring a specific message to light, whether it means practicing meditation or learning to interact more clearly with the people we encounter. She emphasizes the importance of honesty in communication, and draws from her own experiences to apply principles from Eastern and Western philosophy to everyday life.

Lisa is a writer, producer and entrepreneur. As president of Oz Works, she manages the business of bestselling author and television host Dr. Mehmet Oz, co-hosts his radio show, and consults on all his pending projects. She has coauthored three New York Times bestselling books, including the YOU: The Owner’s Manual series. She attended Columbia University’s Union Theological Seminary and has written on and maintains a passion for the spiritual studies. Lisa is a Reiki Master and has spoken widely of her insights into energy and health.

She lives in New Jersey with Mehmet and their four children.

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