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Marlene Wallach

President Wilhelmina Kids & Teens and JAM (Just Ask Marlene) leading tween/teen empowerment brands

Marlene's role as a nationally recognized industry expert has included sharing her expertise around all things teen and tween and has evolved over the course of nearly two decades in her strategic partnership with Wilhelmina International, the global modeling agency.

She is a five-time published author, guest speaker and educator for aspiring young models. Marlene has devoted herself to empowering girls to discover their inner beauty an to help them develop a state of wellness through promoting a balanced lifestyle. With that being said, all this supports her core belief: " You don't have to be a model to feel like one" .

Don't forget, whatever you need to know, Just ask Marlene .

Wallach’s most recent book, THE OFFICIAL BOOK OF ME – Tips for a Lifestyle of Wellness, Health & Happiness is soon to be followed with THE OFFICIAL BOOK OF ME2, on the calendar to be released late 2018 with an extended Chapter 6 Caring for Yourself as Well as Others – NO BULLYING and CHARACTER COUNTS .

“With over 160,000 students skipping school every day for fear of being bullied, and given the mission of JAM, I feel a responsibility to help get the No Bullying message out there. It is my goal to continue to use my voice of authority to help empower young people to speak out for the Anti-Bullying movement.” says Marlene.

Character (Pillars) Counts will also be highlighted in ME2. This concept is at the foundation of becoming the person you are and refers to a set of moral and mental qualities and beliefs, that makes a person unique.

By providing the reader with concrete examples of when these traits can be utilized in their own lives (and promoting their use by associating them with professionalism in the entertainment industry, i.e. what will help them eventually become a successful actor/model), we can direct the reader on their path towards self-improvement.

Her debut book, My Tween Lifestyle Collection- MY SELF, MY LIFE, MY LOOK and MY BEAUTY, also empowers young teens to be the best they can be. The books are designed to guide girls through the bumpy road of adolescence. “If one thing from one of my books helps one girl through the road of adolescence, the world is changed forever” says Wallach. In conjunction with Wallach ‘s book collection, she developed, a safe, content-rich website and community for young teens.

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