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Marlene Wallach

President, Wilhelmina Kids & Teens, one of the world’s leading modeling agencies

It’s not easy being teen. Just Ask Marlene (JAM) Wallach, founder and president of Wilhelmina Kids & Teens, one of the world’s most prestigious modeling agencies. Every day, Wallach educates and assists young people and their parents in an exciting and challenging industry. She is a champion for young people and a great asset to parents, nurturing and educating young talent and serving the needs of her young clients. Wallach applies her experience to empowering girls to build a strong, healthy sense of self and steer clear of potential pitfalls and has created the JUST ASK MARLENE (JAM) entity to this end.

Wallach is not only a lifeline for moms and dads helping their teens navigate the journey to maturity, but all of her knowledge and experience is a well-kept secret when it comes to those past their teens, the moms and even the grand moms.

An expert in her field, Wallach makes frequent appearances on television discussing youth and fashion, and the modeling industry. She has been featured on programs such as NBC’s TODAY Show, ABC's Good Morning America, CBS Morning ShowFox News, LX, the WB Network, MS-NBC, EXTRA!, and Access Hollywood as well as a variety of print media. She has also judged a variety of model and talent searches and makes frequent speaking engagements.

Wallach’s latest book, THE OFFICIAL BOOK OF ME – Tips for a Lifestyle of Health, Happiness & Wellness is to be released Summer 2013. Her debut book, My Tween Lifestyle Collection - MY SELF, MY LIFE, MY LOOK and MY BEAUTY, also empowers young teens to be the best they can be. The books are designed to guide girls through the bumpy road of adolescence. “If one thing from one of my books helps one girl through the road of adolescence, the world is changed forever” says Wallach. In conjunction with Wallach ‘s book collection, she developed, a safe, content-rich website and community for young teens.

In her career, Wallach has seen it all and she knows the adolescent years can be a launching pad for a wonderful life or fraught embarrassment, and insecurity.

At the podium, Wallach can guide parents and their children on:
• Talking to about one’s unique beauty;
• Helping build a better body image;
• Stepping in to teach young people to say no;
• How to deal with rejection and criticism;
• Young skin care - when to start and what to do;
• Helping to put together the perfect outfit on a budget (fashion dos and don’ts);
• Producing a fashion show in your living room;
• Creating your own home-cooked spa, and much more.

Wallach has truly done and seen it all in her area of expertise. From helping parents talk to their teens; to helping teens talk honestly with each other, to sharing secrets of empowerment with the “post teen” set and sharing advice that benefits individual girls, families, friends and communities.

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