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Matthew Alexander

Veteran Air Force Criminal Investigator and Interrogator

Matthew Alexander is a former criminal investigator for the Air Force. In 2006, Abu Musab al Zarqawi, the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq, and the mastermind of the suicide bombing campaign that plunged Iraq into civil war, was the most wanted terrorist in the world—a higher priority for the US military than Osama bin Laden. No brutality was spared in trying to squeeze intelligence from Zarqawi’s suspected associates. But in the wake of the torture scandal at Abu Ghraib, a new breed of interrogators emerged that used pioneering new interrogation methods based on cultural respect, compassion and cunning. Alexander was the head of that interrogation team.

The team consisted of both veteran “Gators” from Guantanamo, Afghanistan, and Iraq and the “new guard” of ‘gators. Alexander and his team decided against coercive techniques and decided instead to get to know their opponents. Dedicated to the methods of matching wits, negotiation and psychological manipulation, Alexander sometimes found himself isolated from his superior, with his career at jeopardy. Yet, his methods ultimately proved successful. The intelligence coup that enabled the June 7, 2006, air strike on Zarqawi's rural safe house was the result of several keenly strategized interrogations, none of which involved torture or even "control" tactics.

His book, How to Break a Terrorist, is the story of these profoundly important interrogations. Alexander gives us the first inside look at the U.S. military’s return to more traditional interrogation techniques, their improvement with the addition of a criminal investigator's tricks of the trade, and their astounding success. His account provides a behind-the-scenes look at the clashes between the old-guard interrogators and the new breed. He sheds light on the success of interrogators being subtle enough and flexible enough to adapt to the challenges of modern, asymmetrical warfare, proving they are our best weapons against terrorists all over the world.

The subject matter of interrogation is an emotionally charged and controversial one, with liberals viewing harsh tactics as a betrayal of fundamental American values, and conservatives regarding coercion as necessary and pragmatic in battling those attempting to destroy us. By sharing his experiences and insider’s knowledge, Alexander adds a much needed voice to the conversation. In Alexander's own words, as he explained to his team of interrogators in Iraq, "The things that make you a great American are the same things that will make you a great interrogator."

Innovation is often the product of conflict and from the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan a revolution in the arts of negotiation and influence has emerged. Using first-hand experiences of interrogating Al Qaida leaders, Matthew Alexander, one of America’s most recognized experts on interrogations, shares his knowledge of innovative sales techniques that he used to convince hardened terrorists to cooperate.

Want to improve your sales force and increase your sales? Train your agents in the revolutionary sales techniques that Alexander developed while leading an interrogation team assigned to our country’s most elite task force. Alexander discusses a new model for analyzing customers including transforming their needs, leveraging the art of visualization, creating common goals, maximizing emotional and logical approaches, and using traditional police investigative techniques such as the Inch-by-Inch and Scale Approach to influence your client's decision making. He also trains your sales agents to leverage linguistics and culture.

Alexander’s presentation is an emotionally-charged experience that will elevate your sales force’s knowledge of modern negotiation and influencing skills as developed by America’s most elite interrogators in the war on terror.

Alexander served for 14 years in the United States Air Force and has conducted special missions in more than thirty countries. He has personally conducted more than 300 interrogations and supervised more than 1,000. He was awarded the Bronze Star for his achievements in Iraq.

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