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Maxwell Billieon

Writer - Author - Relationship and Lifestyle Expert

Maxwell Billieon is a celebrated Writer, Author and Lifestyle Strategist who has generated over $100 million in global success.

Billieon’s diverse expertise was formed early in life; his family members who held high ranking offices of Congress, Senate and Lieutenant Governor, provided Billieon with an acumen in the world of politics; by age 21 he became an IDEA certified health and wellness expert, bridging his work with anti-gang and domestic violence initiatives; and HIV awareness and prevention. Utilizing his expertise he went on to become a public speaker, and he has orated for the U.S. National Legislative Black Caucus’ Foundation, along side speaking engagements with elite universities, corporations and humanitarian organizations globally recognized.

As CEO of The Billieon Group (TBG), Billieon’s focus is building and enhancing healthy lifestyles via the sales of high-end lifestyle intellectual properties for men and women, sold worldwide; the culmination of his vast experience and success has garnered him the moniker - “The Lifestyle Guru.”

But of all of Billieon’s extraordinary achievements, it is his personal reformation from relationship cheater, after being unfaithful for over 20 years, that he is most proud of.

As the writer and author of Death of the Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know About Men Who Stray, Billieon unveils his lifestyle strategies on modern relationship enhancement, and provides a groundbreaking blueprint to the principles that today’s women and men need, to get and keep faithful and committed relationships. The book has had great success, becoming an Top 10 Best Seller.

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