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Michael Tougias

Award-Winning, Bestselling Author

Michael Tougias is the award winning author of 19 books including Overboard and Fatal Forecast, which the Los Angeles Times called “breathtaking…a marvelous and terrifying tale.” A master storyteller, many of Tougias’s books chronicle harrowing seafaring adventures. By combining meticulous research with gripping narrative, his books bear testament to the power of human drive and determination, as well as the challenge of confronting nature at its most threatening.

The Disney Corporation is making movie of his book The Finest Hours: The True Story of the Coast Guard's Most Daring Rescue. This book has been described as Saving Private Ryan meets The Perfect Storm. Brimming with harrowing suspense, the book tells the true story of a daring rescue at sea during the winter of 1952, when a ferocious Nor’easter pounded New England with howling winds and seventy‐foot seas. Caught in the violent storm just off Cape Cod were two oil tankers, the Pendleton and the Fort Mercer, split in half by the ravaging winds and water. Four young Coast Guard men hurried to the rescue of the Pendleton in a thirty‐six foot lifeboat—a potential suicide mission in such a small vessel. Thus began a life and death drama of heroism, survival, and tragedy. Eighty four lives were at stake; not all would survive.

Tougias has spoken to groups in almost all 50 states across the country. He offers a special presentation for business groups titled Survive and Thrive. In this slide lecture Tougias identifies lessons about goal attainment and decision‐making under pressure gleaned from researching his two national best‐sellers, Ten Hours Until Dawn, and Fatal Forecast, as well as from interviewing dozens of people who have survived disasters in the face of incredible odds. All of these individuals felt completely overwhelmed but quickly learned the secrets of channeling and managing their energy into proactive decisions that allowed them to survive. Tougias imparts the techniques used by survivors that can help all of us achieve our dreams, manage rapid organizational change, operate at peak performance, and lead more fulfilling, productive lives.

Tougias also offers slide lectures based on his various books. For example his presentation on the Finest Hours the author tells the crew's saga using slides of the storm, the sinking tankers, the rescues, the victims, the survivors and the heroes, documenting this historic event. With gripping detail Tougias describes the harrowing attempts to rescue the seamen, especially focusing on four young Coast Guardsmen who must overcome insurmountable odds to save the lives of 32 crewmen stranded aboard the stern of the Pendleton. Standing between the men and their mission were towering waves that reached 70 feet, blinding snow, and one of the most dangerous shoals in the world, the dreaded Chatham Bar. The waters along the outer arm of Cape Cod are called “the graveyard of the Atlantic” for good reason, yet this rescue defies all odds.

Tougias’ previous book Ten Hours Until Dawn: The True Story of Heroism and Tragedy Aboard the Can Do received an Editor’s Choice Selection from the American Library Association which said it was “The best book of peril at sea since Sebastian Junger’s Perfect Storm. A superb narrative!”

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