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Micki Myers

Author, Artist & Breast Cancer Survivor

Micki Myers knows firsthand that laughter is the best medicine: she’s approached breast cancer with an irreverent and inspiringly positive attitude, and beaten it — twice. Her book, It’s Probably Nothing… is a memoir in witty and anecdotal poems, a down-to-earth, no-holds-barred account of what it’s like to tackle breast cancer, from diagnosis to treatment to recovery. At times poignant, and often hilarious, Micki is able to connect with audiences at a visceral level, because she’s been there, done that, and lived to tell the tale. Cancer is a scary subject — but seeing a survivor in rigorous good health sends a powerful message that supports her book’s premise: you can learn to stop worrying and learn to love your implants.

Micki was only 39 and the mother of very young children when she found out she had breast cancer. Unbeknownst to her, every single woman on her father’s side of the family had had it too. Indeed, she inherited the BRCA2 genetic defect that puts women at high risk for the disease. The last thing she did before having a double mastectomy was to stand in her hospital gown, and express milk into the operating room sink.

The next year, with surgery and chemo, was hard, but Micki observed and noted it with an unflinching eye. The most searing of these moments became the poems in her book, especially those which packed an emotional punch, when the ability to see the funny side of the most wretched situations presented itself. “I never laughed so much as I did than while having toxic chemo drugs pumped into my arm,” she recalls. “It was a revelation.” What cancer took from her, she found she could replace with something much more useful: a determination that every moment could be lived to its fullest, and that she was stronger than the disease.

Seven years after being declared disease-free, she was tested again when she got breast cancer a second time — one completely unrelated to the first, an event of impossibly small odds. Using the lessons she learned and wrote about, she beat it yet again. Today she is in robust good health.

One of the most fulfilling results of Micki’s experience has been sharing her message of positivity and hope with others who have been touched by breast cancer. At keynote speeches and readings at cancer charities and to survivor groups, Micki is an energetic, confident and commanding speaker, who brings over 20 years’ experience at the podium to feel the mood of a room and bring an audience to laughter. At signings, she frequently hears from people who say that they finally know that they weren’t the only person to experience the things Micki writes about — things that other books about cancer never mention about the intimate moments anyone undergoing treatment understands.

Micki has taught English for over 20 years. Her first book, Trigger Finger, won the Pearl Poetry Prize. Her work has been published in over 100 journals and magazines, and she has been nominated three times for the Pushcart Prize. The focus of her work has always been on disaster, and her ground-breaking scholarship on Scott of the Antarctic appeared in The Paris Review. She writes about unfortunate cookbook illustration at Yuckylicious, and brings her art background to fruit by illustrating her own books, and selling her food paintings to chefs. She lives in Pittsburgh with her sweetheart and two children.

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