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Paul Joseph Fronczak

The Foundling

Paul Fronczak is at the center of one of the most remarkable DNA cases ever, as well as the oldest kidnapping cold case in U.S law enforcement history. On April 26, 1964, a kidnapper disguised as anurse walked into a hospital room in Chicago and took a newborn baby from the arms of his mother Dora Fronczak. The biggest manhunt in Chicago history failed to produce any trace of the kidnapped child. Two years later, a boy was found abandoned on a street in Newark, New Jersey. Police believed the abandoned boy was the child kidnapped two years earlier, and gave him to the Fronczaks to raise as their son, Paul. Nearly a half century later, Paul Fronczak took a DNA test that revealed a shocking truth—he wasn’t the kidnapped child at all. After that, Paul made it his mission in life to solve two 50-year-old mysteries—where was the real Paul Fronczak? And who in the world was he?

With the help of an amazing team of four genealogists, three of who were stay-at-home mothers, Paul was able to unearth his true identity—but that only led to another shocking mystery. Paul learned that he had been born a twin, and that his twin sister Jill, had vanished nearly 50 years ago. Now, as Paul grapples with the emotional and psychological consequences of finding his real family, he is also on a mission to find the real Paul—and to find out what happened to his sister Jill.

Today, Paul is committed to sharing his incredible story in order in to help and inspire the hundreds of thousands of people who, like Paul, do not know their real identities and are trying to resolve deep rooted identity issues in their lives—other foundlings, adoptees, displaced children and the like. Paul’s message is at once educational and inspirational—he encourages others to fearlessly pursue the truth of their lives while also speaking candidly about the personal cost that finding the truth can carry.

Paul is a former actor who is highly telegenic and charismatic, and he has a background as a public speaker in various jobs. He has been featured on 20/20 with Barbara Walters, and has appeared on several other national news outlets. He has many thousands of Facebook admirers who loyally follow his story, and he would like to become a spokesperson for lost and disenfranchised identity-searchers around the world.

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