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Rajeev Peshawaria

Award-Winning CEO in Business Leadership

Rajeev Peshawaria is currently CEO of the ICLIF Leadership & Governance Centre based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which provides executive education, advisory services and executive coaching to professionals and board directors in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. He has lived in 13 cities in seven countries, and has provided learning, coaching and consulting services extensively across the globe. Rajeev has extensive global experience in all aspects of Human Capital Management, with particular focus in the areas of Leadership Development, Organization Effectiveness, Performance Management, Succession Planning, and Learning & Development. He also specializes in coaching and facilitating senior management teams in their efforts to streamline Business Strategy, Organizational Architecture, and Culture.

In Peshawaria’s new book, Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders: The Three Essential Principles You Need To Become An Extraordinary Leader, he poses the provocative question: “Out of all the bosses you’ve had in your life, how many would you rate as truly great leaders?” The average answer is between zero and two, and that is because, he argues, our ways of thinking about leadership are fundamentally flawed. Too many individuals and training programs focus on how managers can motivate employees, when in fact managers can’t motivate employees; they have to be self-motivated.

Based on his first-hand experience observing extraordinary leaders in action, from Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack saving his bank from collapse to Harvey Golub and Ken Chenault reviving American Express, and training top executives as a founding member of Goldman Sachs’ Pinestreet leadership program, Peshawaria has observed that the best leadership comes not from some formula of best practices but from an innate desire to create change – and he defines leadership as the art of harnessing human energy toward the creation of a better future.

In all the many cases of exceptional leaders he has studied, such as Howard Schultz of Starbucks, Jacqueline Novogratz of Acumen Fund, and Alan Mulally of Ford, he found that fueling their success was that they first discovered their “why” of being a leader– a clear sense of purpose – which provided them with the high level of energy required for true leadership, allowing them to persevere despite even very serious setbacks. The second key component is that true leaders create highly effective core co-leadership teams, which is done by allowing the pre-existing motivations of those co-leaders to flourish by making sure their core needs are met -- their desires regarding their role in the company, the nature of their work environment, and the career development (which he calls RED). Finally great leaders manage to energize their entire enterprise by maximizing the power of the three core levers of business success that he calls the Brains–a clear vision and strategy; Bones–well constructed organization structure; and Nerves–a vibrant, positive culture.

Prior to joining ICLIF in April 2010, Peshawaria spent 22 years at blue chip corporations: American Express, HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Coca-Cola, and Morgan Stanley. In his most recent corporate position as the Chief Learning Officer and Head of Talent Management at Morgan Stanley, he founded Morgan Stanley University, a globally integrated learning and consulting hub within the firm. Before joining Morgan Stanley, he was the Chief Learning Officer of The Coca-Cola Company, where he created and headed Coca-Cola University. At both companies, Peshawaria worked closely with senior management teams to grow and/or streamline their businesses.

During his time at Goldman Sachs, Peshawaria was one of the founding members of the Pine Street Group, Goldman’s famed leadership development program. He was head of Pine Street for Europe and Asia, and the global head of the Leadership Advisory Services practice.

At American Express, Peshawaria held several positions over the span of 12 years, finally ending his tenure there as the Global Director of Leadership Development programs. Peshawaria began his career as a currency trader at American Express and HSBC, before recognizing his talent for leadership education and coaching, a revelation he discusses in Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders.

At the podium, Peshawaria shares true stories with his audiences of exceptional leaders all along the way to illustrate his key points, providing a proven framework for becoming this kind of extraordinary leader, boiling down the wisdom from his many years of leadership training into a concise, powerful set of methods and guidelines. He shows how to:

Energize yourself by clearly defining your purpose and values, providing a deeply thought-provoking discussion of the real meaning of purpose and a set of hard-hitting questions that facilitate achieving true clarity on your “why” of being a leader.

Craft your core team of co-leaders and energize them by employing his RED – Role, Environment and Development -- rules.

Energize the entire enterprise by using his Brains-Bones-Nerves frame work to focus rigorously on the most important levers of success.

Peshawaria earned an MBA from Webster University, Vienna, Austria, and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Bombay, India, in Commerce & Economics.

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