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Salvatore Polisi

Former Mafia Member, Author, Writer, & Producer

Salvatore Polisi spent over fifteen years with organized crime families in New York. In 1986, he entered the Federal Witness Protection Program and never looked back. In exchange, he testified in a number of Mafia-related prosecutions. Sal's story is retold in the book Sins of the Father, written by Nick Taylor. No longer under federal witness protection, he has been featured in New York Magazine, Vanity Fair, the New York Times, Playboy, and London's YOU Magazine. Polisi has also been interviewed by Larry King, Connie Chung and Matt Lauer, just to name a few.

Polisi has been a frequent speaker for many Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the country and has spoken at school and universities on a wide range of topics including “Bullying.” He has spoken at US Justice Department conferences, police departments, colleges, and FBI workshops and he was the keynote speaker in Quantico at the FBI Academy's graduation ceremony for the class of 1989. He has been certified by the United States Federal Court in New York as a "crime expert" in the area of gambling, drugs, and organized crime.

Polisi has spent the last twenty years honing the art & craft of screen-writing. He has been blessed to have worked alongside Mardik Martin (Raging Bull), his mentor and friend. After a decade of hard work & tenacity, the vision of the completion of Sinatra Club the movie is a dream come true, and is now a book of the same title with the subtitle My Life Inside the New York Mafia.

Told in his own words, The Sinatra Club recounts Polisi’s life of crime in riveting detail during the last great glory years of the New York Mob, before that notorious American institution was destroyed from within by drugs and greed. It is a fascinating story that begins when the Five Families were at the height of their power and ends with their demise, tracing the downfall of the Mob through Polisi’s firsthand experiences.

Polisi’s life as a mobster consisted of robbing banks, hijacking trucks, pulling heists, running gambling and loan shark operations—and years of nonstop thrills and excitement. Then Polisi moved into a second, secret career as a distributor of heroin and cocaine, a desperate and dangerous business in which he risked life in prison if caught by the law and certain death if discovered by his brothers in crime. Finally, a bloody arc of death and betrayal plays out in the last part of the story, as Polisi’s double life finally catches up with him and he becomes a federal informant. Wearing a wire proved to be as dangerous—and almost as thrilling—as the life he lived outside the law. Because he gave evidence and testimony against old friends and colleagues, including two mob bosses, a courthouse full of corrupt judges and lawyers, and a gang of drug dealers, arms smugglers, and bomb makers, he lives under a death sentence to this day.

Polisi has written five other scripts, two stage plays including his one-man play At the Sinatra Club which plays in Vegas, and he is currently working on the Sinatra Club sequel. His documentary is also in development.

Sal Polisi has reinvented himself. He long ago left a world filled with violence born of personal pain and tragedy. Like the mythical Phoenix, he has raised from the ashes a reconstructed man, dedicated to family and with a new mission in life. By his own example and word Sal delivers a pragmatic gospel of personal redemption. He speaks throughout the country to help others overcome their own missteps that has led them to a difficult and even dangerous crossroad in their lives; a similar crossroad that Sal once met in his own life forcing him to make hard choices; choices that ultimately led to a better life.

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