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Shawn Green

Former All-Star MLB Player

Over the course of his 15 seasons in Major League Baseball, a career which saw him rise to the top as one of the best all-around players in the game, Shawn Green became a master of channeling his mind and physical gifts towards a clear goal.

His strong focus and concentration didn’t end once he stepped off the field. He found that those same strategies that helped him become one of the game’s elite outfielders also applied to just about any endeavor that he encountered. By approaching his professional and personal life with a clear mind, he was able to “bring stillness into the flow of life,” shutting out distractions and other impediments to achieve new levels of success.

In his debut book The Way of Baseball, and at the podium, Green shares those same lessons with audiences everywhere, teaching people how to bring more stillness, presence, and fulfillment into their lives both at home and at work by blocking out the extraneous factors that slow us down wherever we go. Green is living proof that a clear and focused mind can unleash new creativity and achievements that we may never have thought were possible.

Green’s career spanned 15 seasons with four teams, during which he won numerous accolades including both the American League Gold Glove Award and the Silver Slugger in ’99. He finished in the top ten of voting for league MVP three times and was named the L.A. Sportsman of the Year for his 2002 season. He was a two-time All-Star and holds several major league records and numerous individual team records.

Green is also well known for the professional and fan-friendly manner in which he went about his business. Like Sandy Koufax, a legendary Jewish Dodger, Shawn observed Yom Kippur by sitting out one game in each of the three years that the holiday conflicted with his team’s schedule. Young fans loved him for his ritual of throwing batting gloves into the stands after each home run. Throughout his career, he was active in countless charities and even donated to numerous causes, most notably the Dodgers Dream Foundation. He was the recipient of the 2001 Bart Giamatti Award, recognizing his community service.

He retired from baseball at 34 to spend time with his wife, Lindsay, and daughters, Presley and Chandler, at their home in Southern California.

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