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Sheila Warnock

Sheila Warnock, Founder & President, ShareTheCaregiving, Inc. Co-author, Share The Care

Sheila has spent most of her professional life in advertising as a Consultant/Associate Creative Director with an expertise in new product development. After 30 years of dedicating her life to this profession, several profound experiences changed her life. First, she became sole caregiver of her ill mother and an emotional crutch for her best friend, Susan, who was diagnosed with cancer. By undertaking this dual role, Sheila truly experienced the tremendous burden caregivers have to endure.

In 1988, she became part of a group of 12 women (mostly strangers to each other) who came together and stayed together for the next three and a half years to care for friend Susan. The contrast of caring for someone without support to the experience of sharing responsibilities with a group proved to Sheila that this new collaborative approach to caregiving was something of immeasurable value and needed to be shared with caregivers everywhere.

As a result, she and her co-author, Cappy Capossela, documented the systems used by the group in their book, Share The Care, How To Organize A Group To Care For Someone Who Is Seriously Ill, Simon & Schuster, 1995. This system guides friends, neighbors, co-workers, and acquaintances with the roadmap for creating and maintaining a “caregiving family” to support someone they know facing a health, aging, medical issue or any circumstance were support is needed including multiple births, or grandparents raising small children.

Sheila and Cappy introduced Share The Care to health professionals at Sloan Kettering, cancer patients at M.D. Anderson Center in Houston as well as to students of social services at New York University. They appeared on the TV Health Network and gave interviews for radio and print media including: The Washington Post, Good Housekeeping, Modern Maturity and Parade Magazine. Share The Care™ was chosen as a model by the University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center to help women undergoing breast cancer treatment.

In January of 2002, Sheila, tragically, had to form yet another caregiver group for her co-author and best friend, Cappy, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died 10 months later. The result of this third personal experience led Sheila to abandon her career and create ShareTheCaregiving, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization and a comprehensive award winning web site: In 2008, the organization became a Project of the National Center for Civic Innovation and currently operates under their fiscal umbrella. The mission is to improve the “quality of life” of anyone who needs support and to reduce the stress, depression, isolation, and economic hardship often suffered by their caregivers.

During 2004 Sheila revised and updated Share The Care and added 50 pages of new information and ideas pioneered by groups around the country. The second edition was cited by The Library Journal as “One of the Best Consumer Healthcare Books of 2004.” It also generated articles/mentions in: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, AARP Magazine and The Chicago Tribune. The Share The Care model is now evidence-informed based on a recent research study that will be featured in The Journal of Gerontological Social Work in 2016. To date, Share The Care™ groups have been documented in 48 states, 13 countries.

In 2008 Share The Care was given a “Caregiver Friendly” award by Today’s Caregiver magazine. And in 2009, Share The Care’s New York City Program received an Achievement Award for “Cross-generational Caregiving” by the New York State Coalition for the Aging and the Statewide Caregiving & Respite Coalition of New York.

Sheila lectures and leads full day professional trainings throughout the US and Canada. She was the keynote speaker for Ontario’s Ministry of Health’s 2007 Aging at Home Conference in Toronto attended by over 700 professionals. She is a member and has served on the Executive Committee of the NYC Family Caregiver Coalition. She is a member of the American Society on Aging, and the National Speakers Association and sat on the HealthCare Chaplaincy’s Residence Advisory Committee for a Palliative Care Campus. In 2012 Share The Care was invited by EmblemHealth to be a founding member and Co-Chair of the New York City Partnership 4 Family Caregiving Corps with a focus on corporations and working caregivers.

In 2011, Sheila was named one of 10 L’Oreal Paris “Women of Worth” Honorees for her volunteer achievements and outstanding commitment to community service. In 2013, she was named a Local Lady Godiva Honoree for her community work. Also in 2013 she was chosen as a DAILY POINT OF LIGHT Honoree for creating meaningful change in communities across America; and later that same year she received the Community Service Award from the Caregiving Outreach Ministry Empowerment. In 2015 she received the “Maggie Kuhn Award” for her work from the Presbyterian Senior Services. And most recently in 2016 was named by GOOD HOUSEKEEPING and L’Oreal Paris, one of “50 OVER 50 Women who are changing the world.”

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