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Sunny Schwartz

Nationally Recognized Expert in Criminal Justice Reform

Sunny Schwartz, a nationally recognized expert in criminal justice reform, has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Larry King Live to talk about Resolve to Stop the Violence Project (RSVP), the groundbreaking program she created in 1997 for the San Francisco Sheriff's Department. RSVP brings together victims and offenders in a unique correctional program that empowers victims, and requires offenders to take true responsibility for their actions and eliminate their violent behavior. RSVP has cut recidivism for violent re-arrests by up to 80%.

Charismatic and deeply compassionate, Schwartz grew up on Chicago's South Side in the 1960s. She fought with her family, struggled through school, and floundered as she tried to make something of herself. Bucking expectations of failure, she applied to one of the only law schools that didn't require a college degree, passed the bar, and began her life's work in the criminal justice system--and was disheartened by the broken, inflexible system she found. But instead of quitting, she decided to transform the system, to make prison a place that can change people for the better. In her lectures, she shares her powerful stories of crime, punishment, and ultimately the redemption gained through RSVP.

Schwartz is the author of Dreams from the Monster Factory: A Tale of Prison, Redemption, and One Woman's Fight to Restore Justice to All. It tells the true story of Schwartz's extraordinary work in the criminal justice system and how her profound belief in people's ability to change is transforming the San Francisco jails and the criminals incarcerated there. With an immediacy made possible by a 27-year career, Schwartz immerses the audience in the troubling and complex realities of U.S. jails, the monster factories -- places that foster violence, rage and, ultimately, better criminals. But by working in the monster factories, Schwartz also discovered her dream of a criminal justice system that empowers victims and reforms criminals.

Schwartz's faith in humanity, her compassion and her vision are inspiring. She goes beyond statistics and sensational portrayals of prison life to offer an intimate, harrowing and revelatory chronicle of crime, punishment and, ultimately, redemption.

RSVP was a recipient of the prestigious "Oscars in Government" Innovations in Government Award, sponsored by the Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University and the Ash Institute. She lives in San Francisco.

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