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Ted C. Fishman

Best-Selling Author, and Expert on China and the Aging Population

Best-selling author Ted Fishman tackles big topics, helps audiences see them in new and immediate ways and gives the world a framework through which to see big change. His speaking style is forceful and down-to-earth. Fishman earns high praise from audiences for compelling, insightful comment, for his great ability to tailor his remarks to the groups he addresses, for his wide-ranging intelligence and for his sense of humor.

Fishman’s books include the much-admired China, Inc.: How the Rise of the Next Superpower Challenges America and the World, which is available in dozens of foreign editions and has been called by CNN “the bible on modern China.” His latest book, Shock of Gray: The Aging of the World’s Population and How It Pits Young Against Old, Child Against Parent, Worker Against Boss, Company Against Rival, and Nation Against Nation has quickly become the leading guide to one of the world’s most momentous changes.

The Shock of Gray is a new reality that is essential for nearly all audiences to understand. Ted Fishman delivers a powerful lesson in how the unprecedented aging of the world’s population two lies at the heart of nearly every major social and economic trend today, driving globalization and propelling the movement of money, goods and people. Understanding this immense, unprecedented change is essential to the stewardship of companies, organizations and communities that aim to endure and thrive. Fishman has traveled our grayer future and found what's bright, what's stormy, and he is creating a map we all will need to navigate a great change.

Fishman is fluent in the major economic trends and predicts what the economy has in store for your future. A former floor trader, Fishman ran his own trading firm and has lived and worked in Japan and Indonesia. He is also regularly consulted by governments on issues relating to China and to global demographic change.

No country—since the rise of the United States—has ever challenged the rest of the world on so many fronts as the rise of China does today. Ted Fishman explores the dynamic behind China’s rise and how the vast changes in that country change life for the rest of us as workers, managers, consumers, citizens and even as parents. China has embarked on the most ambitious infrastructure building effort in the world. It is also vastly expanding its education system to help push the nation and its people to the top of world economy. As it advances and China’s market power grows, the changes many long-standing rules and practices in global business, from the roles of Central Banks and currency regimes, to shape of mass and custom production to the rules—and lack of rules—for intellectual property protection. The stakes are enormously high for people everywhere, and nothing about China’s continual rise is assured. Fishman explores the fundamental drivers of China’s push and what the rest of the world must do to insure that China’s drive creates prosperity at home, in the United States or wherever home may be.

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