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Clint Emerson

Retired Navy SEAL, CEO & Author

Clint Emerson is a national best-selling author and recently retired Navy SEAL with 20 years of service for the United States Special Operations Forces and CEO. 

Emerson spent his military career serving under various Naval Special Warfare Commands as a Special Operator (SEAL), and is a graduate of the American Military University in Virginia with a B.A. in Security Management. Clint is the Founder and Managing Partner of Escape the Wolf, LLC, a company that focuses on workplace violence prevention and response, inspired terrorism identification, and crisis management for small to large global companies.

Clint’s most recent publication, 100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition, is a comprehensive manual detailing how to stay alive in any climate or terrain imaginable. He expertly combines life-saving knowledge with standard, low-tech tools one can be expected to have on hand, and offers detailed survival tips for civilians, which have been adopted from the actual field experiences of Special Forces operations.

100 Deadly Skills prepares the reader for securing shelter, finding food, building fire, and navigating back to civilization with the candor of a civilian and the professional mind of a soldier. Whether lost at sea, applying trauma medicine as a first responder, surviving a hostage situation, or deciding when to run, hide, or fight, Clint Emerson’s 100 Deadly Skills teaches the eloquence and the expertise to get you out of virtually any situation both safely and practically.

Armed with the knowledge that only comes from years of successfully operating within hostile environments, Clint helps civilians prepare for and manage any kind of disaster using the specialized skills soldiers use to support and protect the United States Government.  

During his many years of service, Clint has received numerous awards for bravery and leadership, including Bronze Stars. He holds specific expertise in  Sea, Air Land Combat Operations, Terror and Counterterrorist Operations, Embassy Operations/Country Team Experience, Physical & Technical Surveillance & Counter Surveillance; Special Operations Operation & Team Leading.

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