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Simon & Schuster Speakers Bureau represents the following speakers in the 'Mind Body & Spirit' category.

Gary Zukav
New York Times Best Selling Author and Founder of the Seat of the Soul Institute
J Michael Zenn
Wellness Expert & Author
Jan Yager
Business and Personal Relationship Expert
Debra Winger
Celebrated Actress and Health Issues Advocate
Susan Whitman-Helfgot
Author, Organ Donation Advocate, & Science Enthusiast
Brandon Webb
Navy SEAL, NY Times Best Selling Author & Editor-in-Chief
Dr. Howard E. Wasdin
Former Member of SEAL Team Six
Sheila Warnock
Sheila Warnock, Founder & President, ShareTheCaregiving, Inc. Co-author, Share The Care
K.M. Walton
Kindness Matters; Award-winning author of Cracked and Empty
Marlene Wallach
President Wilhelmina Kids & Teens and JAM (Just Ask Marlene) leading tween/teen empowerment brands
Jennifer Gardner Trulson
Author, Philanthropist, and 9/11 Widow
Marlo Thomas
Award-winning Actress, Author, and Activist
Kayt Sukel
Journalist and Author
Susan Stiffelman
Author, Parenting Without Power Struggles: Raising Joyful, Resilient Kids While Staying Cool, Calm and Connected
Daniel Smith
Bestselling Author, Journalist, & Neurotic
JJ Smith
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Nutritionist, and Certified Weight-Loss Expert
Rabbi Charles Sherman
Rabbi at one of New York's largest synagogues and Author of The Broken and the Whole: Discovering Joy after Heartbreak, Lessons from a Life of Faith
Bob Roth
CEO, David Lynch Foundation & Bestselling Author, Strength In Stillness: The Power of Transcendental Meditation
Paula Rizzo
Emmy Award Winning TV Producer and Best-Selling Author of LISTFUL THINKING
Andrea Raynor
Author, Chaplain, Minister, & Cancer Survivor
Anna Raimondi
Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Intuitive and Author
Carole Radziwill
Author, Journalist, and TV Personality
Sam Polk
Former Wall Street Trader, Author, & Founder of Non-Profit Groceryships
Brian Platzer
Novelist and Teacher
Jimmy Peña
NYT Bestselling author, Founder of PrayFit, and Exercise Physiologist to the Stars
Lisa Oz
Writer, Producer, Actor & Entrepreneur
Apolo Ohno
Eight-Time Olympic Medalist & The Most Decorated US Winter Olympian in History
Judy Norsigian
Executive Director and a Founder of the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, Co-author of Our Bodies, Ourselves, the World's Best-known Book about Women's Health and Sexuality
Micki Myers
Author, Artist & Breast Cancer Survivor
Mildred Muhammad
Domestic Violence Survivor and Victims Advocate
Shannon Moroney
Speaker, Author, Advocate
Crystal McVea
Best-selling author of Waking Up in Heaven: A True Story of Brokenness, Heaven, and Life Again
Marlee Matlin
Academy Award-Winning Actress & Activist
Daphne de Marneffe
Relationship expert, Psychologist, Author
Chris Licht
Author of What I Learned When I Almost Died
Marianne Leone
Actress, Screenwriter, & Advocate for Children with Disabilities
Wendy Lawless
New York Times Bestselling Author, Stage and Television Actress
Erik Bertrand Larssen
Author and Successful Mental Coach
Garret Kramer
Founder of Inner Sports & Author of Stillpower
Hoda Kotb
Co-Anchor, Fourth Hour of Today & Correspondent, Dateline NBC
Kristin Kimball
Author & Innovative Farmer
Jennifer Ketcham
Author, TV Personality & Former Adult Star
Hollye Jacobs
Breast Cancer Survivor, Award-Winning Blogger of The Silver Pen, and Author of “The Silver Lining”
Deirdre Imus
Environmental and Children's Health Advocate
Jane Healy
Teacher and Educational Psychologist
Amy Hatvany
Best-selling author and motivational speaker.
Lindsay Harrison
Author and Speaker on Family Trauma
Kristin Harmel
Author, Journalist, TV Personality
Jackie Hance
Author of the New York Times Bestselling Memoir "I'll See You Again"
Shawn Green
Former All-Star MLB Player
Dr. Sara Gottfried
Hormone Expert, Integrative Physician, Yoga Teacher and Author
Paul Joseph Fronczak
The Foundling
David Finch
Author and Expert on Living and Succeeding with Autism
Carlos Eire
New York Times Bestselling Author, Winner of the National Book Award & T. Lawrason Riggs Professor of History and Religious Studies at Yale University
Joe Ehrmann
Coach for America
Jeremy Courtney
Author of Preemptive Love, Founder and CEO of the Preemptive Love Coalition
Michael Chorost
Cyborg Who Foresees the Future
Lyssa Chapman
Reality TV Star, Former Bounty Hunter, Inspirational Supporter for Troubled Youth
Raquel Cepeda
Author, Cultural Activist, Filmmaker, and Award-Winning Journalist
Dr. Joseph Cardillo, Ph.D.
Body Energy and Creative Thinking Expert
Susannah Cahalan
New York Times bestselling author of Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness
Andrea Buchanan
Award-winning Filmmaker, Director, and Author
Jessica Buchanan
Humanitarian Aid Worker; New York Times Best-Selling Co-Author
George Brescia
Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life...Because You Can't Go Naked!
Maxwell Billieon
Writer - Author - Relationship and Lifestyle Expert
Amanda Beard
Olympian, Author, Mother
Carrie and Alton Barron
Gifted Psychiatrist and a Premier Hand Surgeon
Fred Bahnson
Food & Faith Speaker, Author, and Journalist
Sandy Allen
Author, A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise
Dr Eben Alexander
Neurosurgeon Who Journeyed to the Afterlife, Author of the New York Times Best-Selling Book Proof of Heaven
Judy Melinek, M.D. & T.J. Mitchell
Authors of the New York Times Bestseller Working Stiff: Two Years, 262 Bodies & The Making of a Medical Examiner, President & CEO of PathologyExpert Inc.
Jessica Buchanan & Erik Landemalm
Kidnapped in Somalia, Rescued by SEAL Team 6
Thomas N. Bradbury & Benjamin R. Karney
Award-winning UCLA Professors, Authors of Love Me Slender, Experts on Relationships, Marriage, and Health