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Sharlee Jeter & Dr. Sampson Davis

Co-authors of The Stuff: Unlock Your Power to Overcome Challenges, Soar, and Succeed

Dr. Sampson Davis has tapped into something unique in the Self-Help space over many years as an Emergency Room Physician tending to thousands of patients, and Sharlee Jeter is only now ready to speak publicly about her life-threatening cancer diagnosis, subsequent fight with the disease, and what compelled her and Dr. Davis to write the STUFF, and start a life-changing social movement

Over the past decade, Sharlee Jeter and Dr. Sampson Davis have studied the psychologies and coping mechanisms of a range of individuals who’ve faced tremendous risks and dangers, along with those who have overcome overwhelming odds, to understand what these people have in common. In doing so, Jeter and Davis have identified what they call THE STUFF: A cultivatable inner fortitude used by people to overcome obstacles, soar, and succeed. Everyone has this fortitude but only some people are able to harness it and thrive.

In THE STUFF, Davis and Jeter highlight 11 core elements that allow individuals not only to survive, but to flourish in the face of extraordinarily challenging circumstances. The book features men and women who have THE STUFF – athletes, entrepreneurs, parents, and others – ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances, whose stories will inspire readers to realize that no matter how difficult their lives may be, they can employ the core practices found in the book to find hope, happiness, and fulfillment.

"Growing up in Newark, I faced my share of challenges, and what always inspired me was people who didn't ignore or run from what life threw at them but confronted it head on and emerged stronger. THE STUFF is my way of sharing that same inspiration with anyone looking for the certainty they need to conquer life's tests,” said Dr. Davis.

"In the course of my life and work with the Turn 2 Foundation, I have encountered remarkable people whose ability to overcome seemingly impossible circumstances has inspired me. We wrote "The Stuff" as a way to share their incredible stories, document my search for more real-life superheroes, and uncover the special quality that drives individuals to do extraordinary things. My hope is to empower young people to dig deep and believe they can achieve anything,” said Sharlee Jeter.

The stories of triumph that Sampson and Sharlee have uncovered in researching The Stuff are truly inspirational.

The publication date was May 15, 2018, which coincided with the authors appearances on CBS This Morning and TODAY. The book is available wherever books are sold, as well as online at B&,, and

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