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Writer Laura Schroff will talk about invisible threads that bind us with kindness at Lancaster event


Nov 16, 2016

JON FERGUSON | News Editor Nov 13, 2016

Laura Schroff realized pretty early on that her first book would form a natural bridge to her second.

Her debut, “An Invisible Thread,” told the true, inspiring story of her friendship with Maurice, an 11-year-old panhandler she met in 1986 while working as a sales executive.

The two, despite their differences, bonded and helped enrich each other’s lives. They remain friends to this day.
Schroff, who will visit here on Dec. 2 as the focal point of the Junior League of Lancaster’s Author’s Luncheon, included a note in the book asking readers to send their own “invisible thread” stories.

Schroff says she received the first story in December 2011, about a month after “An Invisible Thread,” which became a New York Times best-seller, was published.

It was from a man named Angel Perez, who had moved from Puerto Rico to Brooklyn, New York, and was befriended by a high school guidance counselor who helped him chart a path to success.

“That was the first story I received,” Schroff says during a telephone interview from her New York home, “so I wrote him back and thanked him for sharing his story, and then I created a folder, ‘Beautiful Invisible Thread Stories.’ ” And before I knew it I started to get these stories. Probably about two years into it I thought this would really make a great book.”

That book, “Angels on Earth,” was published just last month and features 29 stories inspired by submissions from her readers. Angel Perez’s story, the first one she received, is included in the book.

“What I love about the book,” Schroff says, “is that there are all these really very unique, special stories, but really the theme of the book is how there is a power in fate, friendship and human connections, and how we can live happier, more purposeful lives by reaching out and sharing kindness.”

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