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Juliette Kayyem Top Media Hits


Mar 27, 2017

Here are Juliette's top media hits from the past few weeks:

VIDEO: OutFront – Trump’s impact on America’s credibility abroad (03/17/17)
VIDEO: OutFront – DOJ sends info to House Intel Comm rebutting wiretap claim (03/17/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Michael Flynn and the House Intel hearings into Russia (03/16/17)
VIDEO: OutFront – Trump’s claim of “wiretapping” by President Obama (03/16/17)
RADIO: Boston Public Radio -- Climate Change Poses A National Security Threat (03/15/17)
ARTICLE: The Boston Globe -- Trump's Travel Ban Wouldn't Work Anyway (03/15/17)
ARTICLE: Brown Brother Harriman -- Homeland Security Starts at Home (03/08/17)

And the latest episode of The SCIF Episode 111: "A Case of Intelligence" was just released and is getting incredible response in its first 24 hours online. In this episode Juliette covers her Top 5 things to look out for in Monday's House Intelligence Committee hearing on Russia. Here is the link to share the podcast episode:

She'll also be releasing a column for on the same subject.

The podcast also has a new website home at WGBH:

And content from all other media sources can be found here: