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Exciting News - Rebecca Traister’s Critically Acclaimed new book: GOOD AND MAD is out!


Oct 02, 2018

We’re excited to announce the RELEASE of our Simon and Schuster Speaker Rebecca Traister’s new book GOOD AND MAD: THE REVOLUTIONARY POWER OF WOMEN’S ANGER on sale Oct 2nd! buy here

From Rebecca Traister, the New York Times best-selling author of All the Single Ladies—whom Anne Lamott called “the most brilliant voice on feminism in this country”—comes a vital, incisive exploration into the transformative power of female anger and its ability to transcend into a political movement: GOOD AND MAD.

With GOOD AND MAD, Rebecca eloquently tracks the history of female anger as political fuel—from suffragettes marching on the White House to office workers vacating their buildings after Clarence Thomas was confirmed to the Supreme Court. Highlighting a double standard perpetuated against women by all sexes, and its disastrous, stultifying effect, Traister’s latest book GOOD AND MAD is timely and crucial. It offers a glimpse into the galvanizing force of women’s collective anger, which, when harnessed, can change history.


Rebecca Traister will do a Commentary segment for CBS Sunday Morning THIS Sunday, 9/30!

Other New National Media Includes:
10/5: PRI’s New Yorker Radio Hour with David Remnick
10/8: MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews
10/13: C-SPAN Book TV Live Call In Segment with Peter Slen from Wisconsin Book Festival

Read Rebecca’s fantastic interview with The New York Times, which will run in print this Sunday.


“[A] rousing look at the political uses of this supposedly unfeminine emotion...written with energy and conviction...galvanizing reading.”—New York Times Book Review

“Urgent, enlightened… well timed for this moment even as they transcend it, the kind of accounts often reviewed and discussed by women but that should certainly be read by men…realistic and compelling…Traister eloquently highlights the challenge of blaming not just forces and systems, but individuals.”—Carlos Lozada, Washington Post

“If there was a moment tailor-made for a new book about women and rage, it would be now. And Rebecca has written it.”¬—New York Times

“Conscientiously researched...Traister specializes in writing about feminism and politics, and she knows the turf...especially astute in emphasizing the ways in which black women laid the cornerstones for women’s activism in this country...Feminism forces certain complexities into the stream of our daily lives, and Traister has a great gift for articulating them.”—Time Magazine

“A deeply research treatise on female anger - its sources, its challenges, and its propulsive political power.”—Esquire, Required Reading

“A galvanizing, timely study of righteous rage.”—Marie Claire, What We Love About October

“From suffragettes to #MeToo, Traister’s book is a hopeful, maddening compendium of righteous feminine anger, and the good it can do when wielded efficiently—and collectively.” —, Books to Read This Fall

“An essential addition to any feminist's library, Good and Mad is an insightful, inspiring, and razor-sharp look at just how important collective female anger has been and is in enacting change and impacting culture, politics, and the world.”—Bustle