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AMANDA LITMAN: Election Candidate Progress Update!


Oct 30, 2018

At the top of each week, I send around a note to some of our top volunteers and supporters -- just a quick update for you on our progress.

Hi all -

Things are bad. But we've still got hope -- we're optimistic about what's going to happen eight days from now. We're not looking at the polls (and hard pass on that NYT needle) -- instead, we're hearing reports from our 420 endorsed candidates across the country about the doors they're knocking & the volunteers showing up to help out. It's hard not to think something big is about to happen (and to keep in mind: Election Day is not the end of the work; it's only the beginning.)

Want to keep track of all our candidates online? We've put together a massive list of all their social media accounts. Find one (or a few) and follow along to show them some love.

A ton of great stories of our candidates from the last week or two…

• Teen Vogue profiled Gayatri Agnew, a working mom running a powerhouse campaign and one of the cadre of young women running for state legislature in Arkansas

"Lindsey Williams looks to end Republican hold 38th district state senate seat" - a win that would break the veto-proof majority in the PA state senate.

• Alma Hernandez is the "Mexican-American Jewish Millennial running for office in Arizona" -- and if she wins, she'll join her brother in the state legislature (along with their other sister, who's running for school board.) And that's not even the most interesting part of her story.

• Hadiya Afzal in DuPage county is working to raise the smoking age to 21 in her county. (She's only 19…)

• Lis Kenneth Regula is a biology professor & non-profit founder running for Portage County auditor in Ohio to prevent the massive budget crisis his county will face in 2022. If he wins, he'll be the first openly trans-man elected to public office in Ohio.

• Lucy Rogers, one of our state House candidates in Vermont, took a few minutes after a debate to play a duet on her cello with her opponent. This is beautiful.

• The NYT endorsed Andrew Gounardes for state senate, as one of the best pick-up opportunities to flip the chamber.

• “I don’t look or sound like anyone else in WV politics. I’m young, I’m interracial, and I don’t come from money … It’s a sad truth, but I’m everything that’s just not there at the moment.” - Sammi Brown, candidate for WV state house.

• "When I look at this community I see people just like me — working parents waking up every day trying to balance their careers and their families … and while I see a community full of people like me, when I look at the State Senate I see something very different. There are 63 senators in the state Senate; only 14 out of them are women and not one of those women has young children." - Jen Lunsford, candidate for NY state senate.

• The Michigan GOP's mailer against Mallory McMorrow is so egregiously sexist (her name is printed on a curling iron!!) it's laughable.

• Today, Secretary Hillary Clinton is endorsing 19 of our candidates -- we couldn't be more excited for her to lend her support.

It's been a long election season -- every day lasts one million years. But we're so close to the end, and we are SO excited for what's to come. If you want to get in the weeds, find a volunteer activity (we've got canvasses in nearly every state along with remote opportunities) listed online!

Thanks for making all this possible. We can do anything for eight days!

- Amanda

Amanda Litman