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Juliette Kayyem's Media Hits for The Week!


Nov 05, 2018

Juliette Kayyem's Media Hits for The Week!

VIDEO: CNN Pt 2 - President has responsibility to tone down rhetoric

VIDEO: CNN Pt 1 -Why it will take a while for synagogue to be cleared by law enforcement (10/28/18)

VIDEO: CNN - Reason why hate crimes brought against synagogue shooter instead of domestic terrorism (10/28/18)

VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2 - Strong evidence for how bomber was radicalized (10/26/18)

VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1 -Bombings are example of stochastic terrorism (10/26/18)

VIDEO: At This House - With tarp, law enforcement thinking about case against bomber (10/26/18)

VIDEO: CNN New Day Pt 2 - Current DHS priorities are new look for the agency (10/26/18)

VIDEO: CNN New Day Pt 1 - Bombing threats were a national security issue (10/26/18)

RADIO: Boston Public Radio (10/31/18)

RADIO: Boston Public Radio (10/31/18)

ARTICLE: NBC News (10/26/18)

Hope everyone has a great pre-election weekend and remembers to vote on Tuesday!