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Juliette Kayymen NOVEMBER Media Hits!


Nov 30, 2018

Juliette Kayymen’s Media Hits for the Week:

VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 3 - Trump, Ivanka, and Don Jr. implicated in the selling of American democracy for Trump family gain (11/29/18)

VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2 - Putin's leverage over Trump only works if he's elected president (11/29/18)

VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1 - Extent to which the Russians had leverage over Trump has been exposed (11/29/18)

RADIO: Boston Public Radio (11/28/18)

VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2 - We're seeing now if Mueller is putting together the pieces of the case (11/27/18)

VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1 - We've had enough smoking guns in Mueller probe, now we're seeing the connective tissue (11/27/18)

VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2 - Even if Manafort assumes there will be a pardon, it's quite a calculation (11/26/18)

VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1 - Mueller's Manafort court filing promises point by point breakdown of how Manafort lied to prosecutors (11/26/18)

VIDEO: CNN OutFront Pt 2 - No CBP agent should be put in a position in which tear gas has to be deployed against women and children. (11/26/18)

VIDEO: CNN OutFront Pt 1 - This is not how a president is supposed to treat a professional law enforcement agency (11/26/18)

Have a great weekend!