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Denise Kiernan writes for The Huffington Post

"Indies First: Me and My Indie, Today and Every Day"

Dec 02, 2013

The Huffington Post
by Denise Kiernan
November 27, 2013

For me, Thanksgiving weekend has always been a comfy cocoon of an event, a four-day haze of friends and family lazing and laughing our way through a tryptophan-soaked festival of do-nothingness. I revel in the lack of expectations associated with my favorite holiday. I am not a Black Friday shopper, as I do not possess the requisite bloodlust. In fact, I conspire never to leave whatever house I've landed in for the weekend. It's a herculean effort to worm me out of my pajamas.

However, when I got an email from my local independent bookstore asking if I would volunteer as a bookseller on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I knew I would wrench myself out from between the sofa cushions, dust off the stuffing remnants, scrub the dried gravy from my chin and venture out into the consumer maelstrom that is the biggest shopping weekend of the year. Why am I doing this? Why shall I abandon a Tupperware tower of leftovers and the joys of an elastic waistband? I will do it for my partners in nerdalicious bookdom, Malaprop's Bookstore and Cafe. I will do it for Indies First.

Indies First is a nationwide event during which authors volunteer as booksellers at their local independent bookstore. Spearheaded by author Sherman Alexie and with administrative and online support from the American Booksellers Association, this year's event takes place on Saturday, November 30, also known as Small Business Saturday. Back in September, Alexie wrote an open letter to authors urging all to be a "superhero for independent bookstores." For Alexie, the idea for Indies First grew out of a conversation and relationship with Janis Segress, co-owner of Seattle's Queen Anne Book Company, where Alexie himself has hand-sold books.

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