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Jessica Buchanan featured speaker during National Day of Courage

Jan 27, 2014

DEARBORN -- As part of this year’s National Day of Courage, The Henry Ford, in collaboration with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, will host humanitarian aid worker and author Jessica Buchanan at 10:30 a.m. Feb. 3 inside Henry Ford Museum. Buchanan will share the inspiring and courageous story of her kidnapping by Somali land pirates in 2011.

On Oct. 25, 2011, while on a humanitarian mission in Somalia, Buchanan and a male colleague were kidnapped at gunpoint and held for ransom by a band of Somali land pirates. For the next three months, she was terrorized, held outdoors in filthy conditions and kept on a starvation diet while her health steadily deteriorated. On Janu. 25, 2012 Buchanan was rescued by SEAL Team Six.

The National Day of Courage commemorates Rosa Parks’ singular act of courage that helped sparked the modern Civil Rights movement. At Henry Ford Museum, home to the Rosa Parks Bus, the National Day of Courage is also an occasion to explore how her courage continues to resonate today.

After her presentation, Buchanan will lead a youth panel and audience Q&A session at 11:20 am. Immediately following, she will sign copies of her and husband Erik Landemalm’s memoir Impossible Odds, which details her kidnapping and his efforts to secure her rescue.

All programming will take place inside the Museum Plaza. Field trip groups grade seven and up are welcome to take part in the day’s events. Subject matter and format may not be appropriate for younger students. To view the curriculum connections for this year’s event click here

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