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New and Upcoming Media for Stephen Seager's Behind the Gates of Gomorrah: A Year with the Criminally Insane.

Stephen Seager is making multiple appearances to discuss his new book, Behind the Gates of Gomorrah: A Year with the Criminally Insane.

Nov 05, 2014

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New York Times – Op-Ed by Seager – November 10th

Coast to Coast AM (nationally syndicated radio) – 2-hour Interview – November 29th

C-Span Book TV – Copperfield’s Event – Date to be Announced

Previous Media Coverage for Behind the Gates of Gomorrah:

To be announced: C-Span Book TV – Filming Copperfield’s Event (10/17)

9/17/14: The Roundtable (WAMC/Northeast Public Radio/top 10 NPR market) – Interview

9/22/14: Darkness Radio (KTLK/Minneapolis, MN/Twin Cities News Talk) – Interview, 10-12pm ET

9/26/14:John Hines Show (WCCO/CBS/Minneapolis, MN) – Interview, 10:35am ET

10/1/14:Air Talk with Larry Mantle (KPCC/Los Angeles/NPR) – Interview

7/28/14: Publishers Weekly – Review, “Nothing could prepare [Seager] for the levels of violence and discord he’d soon encounter at this California facility dedicated to serving a motley crew of psychopaths, sexual predators, vicious convicts, and the mentally ill. In this riveting account, he chronicles a year on the job.”

8/15/14: Kirkus – Review, “A chilling account of a livelihood spent curating the criminally psychotic.”

9/1/14: Booklist – Review, “This book is a chiller in nearly every way.”

9/15/14: Library Journal – Review, “A fast-moving and engaging work with vivid descriptions....A riveting blend of memoir and mental-health policy commentary.”

9/15/14: Daily Beast – Interview and 1st Serial Excerpt

9/19/14: Shelf Awareness – Review, “[A] real-life account that progresses like a suspense novel….It may be impossible to fathom how the staff continues working in such an environment without experiencing it personally, but Behind the Gates of Gomorrah may well provide the next best option.”

10/3/14: Ten Minute Interviews - Interview

10/9/14: Biographile - Feature

10/17/14: Copperfield’s (Napa, CA) – Talk/Q&A/Signing, 7pm

10/18/14: Barnes & Noble (Santa Rosa, CA) – Talk/Q&A/Signing, 2pm

11/4/14:Book Passage (Corte Madera, CA) – Talk/Q&A/Signing, 7pm

–Excerpt to be posted on Medium and shared on social media