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Brooke Shields Recommends We Are Not Ourselves as Part of The Today Show's Holiday Roundup!

Matthew Thomas's debut continues to earn raves and rank high on year-end lists.

Dec 18, 2014

Watch the clip here!

More press and media for We Are Not Ourselves:

6/6 PBS/ NewsHour – Mentioned by Jonathan Karp in BEA segment [WATCH]
8/21 NBC/Today – Recommended by Nina Terrero of Entertainment Weekly in “Jumpstart” segment, “This book is beautiful….a beautiful epic about an Irish American family and how they try to achieve the American Dream…..I couldn’t put it down.” [WATCH at 2:40],

4/21 PUBLISHERS WEEKLY – STARRED + Boxed review, “In his powerful and significant debut novel, Thomas masterfully evokes one woman’s life in the context of a brilliantly observed Irish working-class milieu….a definitive portrait of American social dynamics in the 20th century. Thomas’s emotional truthfulness combines with the novel’s texture and scope to create an unforgettable narrative.”
4/28 PUBLISHERS WEEKLY – BEA Galleys to Grab
5/23 on stands ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY – Summer preview, “The hype is warranted…a genuine page turner.” [May 30/June 6 double issue]
5/29 USA TODAY – Summer Books pick from Rebecca Fitting of Greenlight Bookstore, “Storytelling at its greatest.”
6/15 KIRKUS REVIEWS – review
Aug LIBRARY JOURNAL – Starred review + excerpt of Matthew’s letter to librarians from S&S Adult Preview, “The debut author has created a memorable character in Eileen, who is both intelligent and clueless, focusing on her ideals and fantasies and attempting vainly to make reality conform to her aspirations. The depiction of Ed’s illness is realistic, powerful, artistically delivered, and occasionally humorous, and readers will be drawn in.” epicepic
Aug VANITY FAIR – Lead Hot Type mention with cover art, “Masterly debut.”
8/15 on stands ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY – Lead “A” review, “A gripping family saga, maybe the best I’ve read since The Corrections.” [8/22 and 8/29 double issue]
8/15 on stands ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY – The Must List, “The Corrections. The Art of Fielding. Most years, there’s a mega-hyped American epic that’s heralded as a literary breakout. This year’s, a saga about an Irish-American family in Queens, is refreshingly unpretentious but packed with soul—and profoundly moving characters.” [8/22 and 8/29 double issue]
8/21 on stands PEOPLE – Book of the Week, “Astonishing and powerful…Thomas’s finely observed tale is riveting. As a reflection of American society in the late 20th century, it’s altogether epic, sweeping the reader along on a journey that’s both inexorable and poignant.” [9/1 issue]
8/22 NEW YORK TIMES – Daily Arts review, “[A] devastating debut novel . . . an honest, intimate family story with the power to rock you to your core . . . [a] wrenchingly credible main character . . . rich, sprawling . . . Mr. Thomas’s narrow scope (despite a highly eventful story) and bull’s-eye instincts into his Irish characters’ fear, courage and bluster bring to mind the much more compressed style of Alice McDermott . . . Part of what makes “We Are Not Ourselves” so gripping is the credible yet surprising ways in which it reveals the details of any neuroscientist’s worst nightmare . . . This is a book in which a hundred fast-moving pages feel like a lifetime and everything looks different in retrospect. As in the real world, the reader’s point of view must change as often as those of the characters . . . This is one of the frankest novels ever written about love between a caregiver and a person with a degenerative disease. The great French film “Amour” conveyed the emotional aspects of such a relationship, but Mr. Thomas spares nothing and still makes it clear how deeply in love these soul mates are.”
8/22 WALL STREET JOURNAL – mention in profile of Jessie Burton, author of The Miniaturist
8/22 LOS ANGELES TIMES – Review (picked up by Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, The Miami Herald, The Missoulian, TexArkan Gazette, ), “A vividly open-ended reflection of how life works (or doesn’t), with its unexpected turns, its false promises and betrayals and divides . . . We Are Not Ourselves is a solid first novel, unsentimental, multilayered, evocative of a lost world.”
8/23 WALL STREET JOURNAL - Review, “Engrossing . . . [Eileen’s] unflagging fight against an invincible opponent is carefully and compassionately portrayed.”
8/24 USA TODAY – Review “An ambitious, beautifully written novel about ambition and what it can do and not do [that] deals with the classic American Dream in all its messy complications.”
8/25 PUBLISHERS WEEKLY – M.F.A. Update / Interview with Matt
9/1 WASHINGTON POST – Review (picked up by The Denver Post and Newsday), “Stunning...The novel is a formidable tribute to the resilience of the human spirit, to the restorative and ultimately triumphant supremacy of love over life’s adversities....The joys of this book are the joys of any classic work of literature — for that is what this is destined to become — superbly rendered small moments that capture both an individual life and the universality of that person’s experience..”
9/7 NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW – “Open Book” conversation with author
9/7 NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW – review, “A long, gorgeous, epic, full of love and caring….one of the best novels you’ll read this year.”
9/8 issue US WEEKLY – “Fiction for Summer’s End”
9/21 NEWSDAY – review scheduled
Sept MARIE CLAIRE – MC@Play mention, “A complicated, epic novel about Irish-American immigrants searching for a stake in the American dream. In Ed, Eileen believes she’s found her ticket out, only to discover that his disappointing contentment with the status quo masks deeper, darker struggles.”
Sept WOMAN’S DAY – book club pick, “In a poor Irish neighborhood in 1940s New York City, a bright young girl named Eileen aspires to a better life, despite being surrounded by poverty and addiction. As she attains some of the comforts of the middle class, she realizes that lasting happiness comes from valuing what you have—not coveting what you don’t.”
Sept VOGUE – culture section, “The fallible, everyday nobility of the woman at the center of Matthew Thomas’s auspicious debut, We Are Not Ourselves, lingers in the memory: a daughter of the twentieth century whose dashed dreams find their realization in this tale of hard-won compassion and dignity.”
Sept BOOKPAGE – review, “Eileen is dedicated, responsible, loving, but also frustrated, sometimes angry and emotionally distant. Readers will no doubt differ on whether Eileen is noble or obtuse—or maybe both in the same moment. The possibility that all or none of these opinions about Eileen is correct is what makes We Are Not Ourselves such an interesting read.”
Sept MORE – review
Sep/Oct POETS & WRITERS – Featured in profile of Simon & Schuster imprint
Sep/Oct CBS WATCH! – “Rocking Reads” selection
Sept/Oct AMERICAN MAGAZINE – September/October Book Selection
Oct ESQUIRE – full-page review, “A great novel about hope, heartbreak, family, and failure in America…written with the tensile strength of a thriller...WE ARE NOT OURSELVES doesn’t pile on, doesn’t hector; rather, with profound compassion and understanding and at times majesty it painstakingly lays out the three seemingly unexceptional lives as they’re lived, in the end summoning the only truly universal verity governing life in America: You can be anything you want, but in the end you’ll always be yourself.” “[Aside pictured prologue] If you read this prologue and are not at least tempted to read on, we just don’t know what to tell you.”
Oct O, The Oprah Magazine - 10 More Titles to Pick Up Now, "A sweeping novel about striving, disappointment, and resilience featuring nurse Eileen Leary, a tough-as-nails daughter of Irish immigrants in dogged pursuit of the elusive American dream."
11/20 PUBLISHERS WEEKLY – Best Books of 2014
11/20 WASHINGTON POST – Fiction List
Nov ESQUIRE – “Our Favorite Books of the Year”
12/2 NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW – 100 Notable Books of 2014
12/12 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY – Ten Best Fiction Books of 2014
TK GLAMOUR – review
TK BOSTON GLOBE – reviewer assigned
TK SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE – reviewer assigned
TK PARIS REVIEW – interview scheduled

8/19 New York / WNYW-TV (Fox affil) / Good Day New York – interview [WATCH]
8/24 New York / WNBC-TV (NBC affil) / Today in New York – recommended during “Bills Books” segment [WATCH]
“Fantastic . . . An epic novel about American life after WWII, but it is also so intimate on such a small scale . . . Every page has beautiful writing as well as devastating emotional consequences. It’s painful how much you care about these characters.”
8/25 Wichita / KMUR (NPR affil) /Review – [LISTEN]
8/27 So Cal / ORANGE COUNTY NPR / Writers on Writing – interview
9/15 Seattle / KUOW (NPR affil)/ The Record – interview
9/24 Kansas City / KCTV’s Better Kansas City [WATCH]
9/25 New York / WNYC (NPR affil)/ The Leonard Lopate Show – interview [LISTEN]
9/28 Los Angeles/Book Radio
TK New York/ WAMC/Northeast Public Radio/The Roundtable – interview
TK WNET/Metro Focus with host Rafael Pi Roman – interview

Mar BALTIMORE MAGAZINE – Piece on Alice McDermott
6/12 CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER – summer reading roundup, “Generating the kind of pre-publication acclaim given to Chad Harbach's The Art of Fielding.”
6/16 NEW YORK MAGAZINE – BEA roundup including jacket
6/23 PUBLISHERS WEEKLY – Fall 2014 Announcements / Literary Fiction, Top 10
8/10 DAILY NEWS – review, “Deeply moving.”
8/14 MONTCLAIR TIMES – feature
8/17 OMAHA WORLD HERALD – Out this week
8/17 FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM – lead review, “A stunningly beautiful first novel… Thomas’ incredible gift for character development is matched by a nuance for language and a gift for storytelling. The details of every scene are striking, as are the windows into Eileen’s and Connell’s thoughts and feelings…This is a big book — an epic book, indeed — filled with big, thoughtful ideas and minute, equally thoughtful details. But most of all, it’s a powerful story about people.”
8/18 AM NEW YORK – Interview
8/19 COLUMBUS POST DISPATCH—Notable new releases
8/24 BUFFALO NEWS – Review “What’s on the line for the Learys resonates with all
immigrants: the prospect of citizenship, a good job, and the desire for upward
mobility. It is the power of love that allows one to hope for these aspirations
that beckoned after World War II – and for that matter, even now.
These are rich draughts of memory drawn from the well of American life, and
we do well to savor them . . .That’s why “We Are Not Ourselves” is so important. “
9/1 THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS – Conversation with Matthew Thomas
9/6 THE COURANT (Hartford, CT) – event listing
9/17 NEW YORK POST – review: “The First Great Novel of Queens”
10/5 PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE – review “While Eileen is the centerpiece of the novel, the portrait that emerges of her husband, Ed, is also whole and beautifully painted…I’d like to think that he arrives there partially as a result of a letter left for him, the contents of which should bring anyone with a heart, or the vestiges of one, to tears… Mr. Thomas’ prodigious observational and storytelling skills could at first make the reader believe that the Learys are exceptional people, living eventful lives. But they experience no more than almost any family does or will. It offers up achingly beautiful words about lives which may seem ordinary, but aren’t. WE ARE NOT OURSELVES ennobles us all.”
10/14 OREGONIAN/OREGONLIVE.COM – event mention
10/14 QUEENS GAZETTE – event mention
10/14 QUEENS TIMES LEDGER – interview feature
November THE CELTIC CONNECTION (Denver) – review
12/1 AUBURN CITIZEN – Book Report
TK DETROIT FREE PRESS – reviewer assigned

3/3 LIBRARYJOURNAL.COM – Barbara’s Picks 2014, “The portrait of a marriage and of a crucial time in American history; great for book clubs.”
5/23 BOOK RERPORTER – Weekly Update
5/23 CONDE NAST TRAVELER/Daily Traveler Blog – recommended by Joshua Ferris
5/28 PUBLISHERS LUNCH – BEA Buzz Panel recap
5/28 PW DAILY – Lead in Buzz Panel recap
5/29 USATODAY.COM – BEA Buzz Books
5/29 SHELF AWARENESS – BEA Buzz Panel recap
5/30 PW DAILY – Big Books at the Show
5/30 BOOK REPORTER NETWORK – Weekly update
6/2 VULTURE – Hottest Books at the Show
6/2 LIBRARYJOURNAL.COM – Books that Buzzed at BEA, “A deftly detailed, much-touted debut.”
6/4 FODOR’S TRAVEL – summer roundup, “Already hailed as a modern classic, this debut novel is a towering examination of a multigenerational Irish-American family in the American Century… This one's likely to be on a lot of top 10 lists at the end of the year, so take the opportunity to read Thomas's novel during your summer vacation.”
6/4 EW.COM/Shelf Life Blog – Summer Must Read Books
6/17 LIBRARYJOURNAL.COM – Shout & Share @ BEA mention
8/1 NEW YORKER – August Books
8/6 GRANTLAND – August Book Recommendations
8/8 POPSUGAR.COM/BUZZSUGAR – Best Books of August
8/12 PSYCHOLOGY TODAY – review, “Ambitious and beautifully … as he engages emotions in exquisitely rendered vignettes, Thomas spurs readers to reflect on and re-consider the constituent elements of love and a life well-lived.”
8/12 POPCORN READS – review, “I can see why it took Matthew Thomas ten years to write We Are Not Ourselves. This is such a complex novel with so much depth and so many layers that it boggles my mind that it is his debut novel. My hat is off to Mr. Thomas.”
8/13 BROOKLYN BASED – event listing
8/15 EW.COM/Shelf Life – Feature, “We Are Not Ourselves has made quite the stir and it seems we’re all reading for it, talking about it or begging those who have read it and won’t stop talking about it for their copy. Why? Because it’s amazing. It’s beautiful and simple and elegant and, frankly, even in the happy chapters I found myself crying at how much I love it.
8/16 THE RUMPUS – event listing
8/17 BROKELYN – event listing
8/18 PUBLISHERSWEEKLY.COM – Pick of the week
8/18 USATODAY.COM – New & Noteworthy
8/18 BLOOM – Profile, “Thomas’s portrait of how [Alzheimer’s] cuts through lives is on the mark and sensitive; he gets it all right, and anyone who has lived those cycles of denials and acceptance will recognize herself, or someone else…It would be reductive to call We Are Not Ourselves an “Alzheimer’s novel.” Among other things, it’s an elegy for the middle class in urban America, and for the social mobility we insist on believing in. And it offers a lively portrait of a changing New York. Still, Matthew Thomas does his readers a great kindness in giving us Eileen and Connell’s complicated love for Ed, their good intentions and their mistakes: he offers up benevolence in the form of a story. Sometimes you just go through the motions. Sometimes you just show up.”
8/18 KIRKUSREVIEWS.COM – profile
8/19 WSJ.COM/Speakeasy – First Lines
8/19 TIME.COM – author essay
8/20 BLOOM – author Q&A
8/20 NEWYORKER.COM – Included in essay on Alzheimer’s fiction, “The greatest Alzheimer’s novel yet…visionary and challenging…Matthew Thomas’s realist epic, “We Are Not Ourselves,” exceeds the usual boundaries of fiction on the subject.”
8/21 THE MILLIONS – Profile from
8/21 ENGLISH KILLS REVIEWS – event recap
8/21 BOOKREPORTER.COM – review
8/21 20SOMETHINGREADS.COM – review
8/22 BOOKREPORTER.COM – "Author Talk" Q&A
8/25 FORBES.COM – Interview
8/27 BOOKBROWSE.COM – Editor’s Choice and Review, “Through the lens of one all-American family, Thomas has crafted a profound meditation on the meaning of success, the joys and challenges of marriage, and the lure (and traps) of the American dream. Eileen Leary, with all her strengths and weaknesses, leaps off the page."
8/27 THE GUARDIAN – review, “it is clear that Thomas has quarried deep to discover emotional truth and a form and language in which to express it. We Are Not Ourselves took 10 years to write, and justifies every one of them.”
8/27 THAT’S WHAT SHE READ – review
8/27 BIBLIOPHILE BY THE SEA – review, “A story I will not forget. Read it.”
8/28 USA TODAY.COM – "Book Buzz"
8/27 YAKIMA HERALD – "On Preview"
8/28 YAKIMA HERALD – "Book Scene"
8/28 LAKESIDE MUSING – review
8/30 USATODAY.COM – Weekend Picks for Book Lovers
9/1 MYEDMONDSNEWS.COM – Edmonds Booktalk
9/1 BOOKPAGE – Newsletter “Book of the Day”
9/2 VOGUE.COM – Vogue's Fall Book Guide
9/3 POETSANDWRITERS.COM – clip: "Behind The Book"
9/6 BOSTONGLOBE.COM – event listing
9/7 LEFSETZ.COM – review
9/8 AUBURNPUB.COM Fall Reading Selection
9/10 THE GIRLY BOOK CLUB – Fall Reading Pick
9/11 ABC BLOG – review
9/11 SALON – group interview
9/11 BARNES & NOBLE – “What to Read Next “
9/14 MUSINGS OF A 21st CENTURY CRONE – review
9/14 NEW YORK TIMES, Online Editor Column – “By the Book”
9/15 THE WINDY PAGES – review
9/16 THE BOOK MUSINGS – review
9/16 A BOOKISH GIRL – review
9/19 Liz Smith’s NEW YORK SOCIAL DIARY – review, picked up in HUFFINGTON POST, BOSTON HERALD, “The book spans many years, but stays completely true to the origin of the character, the woman who wants only to banish her beginnings, burnish her present, ensure her future. There is not one wasted word in “We Are Not Ourselves…..Again, this is a first novel! I eagerly await Mr. Thomas’s second, third, etc. He is a master writer for the 21st century.”
9/24 PASTE MAGAZINE – review “The book reads so intimately… Thomas exposes the inner workings of a mind some might find morally questionable, but even more he exposes how much love Eileen has stored inside… Thomas crafts his sentences and uses language in such a way that even reading about the Learys’ bills feels gripping. In fact, it starts to feel essential…Thomas shows us the American journey—daily life with all its complexities, the gritty stories people live and the unseen heroes who endure them. Thanks to Thomas’s excellent novel, they can now take center stage.”
9/24 HEALTH MATTERS WITH DR. SANJAY GUPTA – online interview
9/25 CAMPUS CIRCLE Campus Circle - 22 Must-Read Books for Fall 2014!
9/25 THEDAY.COM – review, “What an assured debut. Matthew Thomas has crafted a novel that's as big as the American Dream and as specific as a single family.”
9/30 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY – breaks movie and second novel news
10/1 PLACINGLITERATURE.COM – podcast interview, to run with month-long promotion in Oct. and Goodreads ad
10/22 WRITING FOLLIES – review
11/8 LA REVIEW OF BOOKS – review “unprecedentedly vivid portrayal of a man in declining health. As anybody who has cared for a loved one in decline knows, the most devastating changes are often the smallest: the hand that doesn’t grip as tightly as it did last week, the memory that is slightly but noticeably slower. Thomas does a brilliant job of dramatizing these small moments, which, in the aggregate create an emotionally powerful reading experience. There’s nothing fancy about Thomas’s writing; he derives enormous power from the simplicity and straightforwardness of a traditional narrative.”
11/8 THE DISH – “What's in a Title”
11/10 AMAZON – Best Of: #10 Literature & Fiction / #32 on Full List
11/10 BARNES & NOBLE -Barnes & Noble, This Season’s Best Fiction/Gift Guide “This is a love letter to caretakers and to mothers, to immigrants and to people who still, against all odds, labor for their piece of the American dream.”
11/25 THE ECONOMIST – Prospero Blog "The Million Dollar Debutant"
11/25 EVERYDAY EBOOK – review
12/2 NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW – 100 Notable Books of 2014
12/3 CBS LOCAL – Holiday Gift Guide
12/8 BUSTLE – “Best Books of 2014”
12/8 THE MILLIONS – “Phil Klay’s Year In Reading” “Matthew Thomas’s We Are Not Ourselves is just a stunning, stunning book. A huge, ambitious story that spans three generations, unflinchingly explores the deterioration of one character’s mind, and has a main character who goes to my high school (Regis, to which Thomas also went, though we did not overlap). Possibly the most emotionally engaged I’ve been with any book this year.”
12/10 POPSUGAR.COM – 2014 Must Reads – the 100+ Best Books of the Year
TK NEWYORKER.COM – author essay

3/19 New York/ Bookseller Dinner
3/24 Seattle/ Drinks with Amazon
3/25 Seattle/ Drinks with Booksellers
3/26 San Francisco/ Bookseller Dinner
4/1 Boston/ Bookseller Dinner
5/28 BEA/ Editor’s Buzz Panel with Marysue Rucci
5/29 BEA/ Editor’s Buzz Adult Books with Matthew Thomas

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9/13 Denver/ Lighthouse Writer’s Workshop reception (book sales through Tattered Cover)
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9/22 Baltimore/ Enoch Pratt Free Library with Johns Hopkins
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9/28 Los Angeles/Barnes & Noble The Grove with Misha Collins
10/16 Portland/ Powell’s City of Books
10/18-19 Calgary, Canada/ WordFest (via S&S Canada)
10/21 Vancouver, Canada/ Vancouver International Writers Festival (via S&S Canada)
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10/30 Bronxville, NY/Concordia College

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