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The Innovators Featured in Multiple "Best of 2014" Lists

Walter Isaacson's much-lauded latest is one of Janet Maslin's "top 10 favorite books of the year"; one of the Washington Post's "40 notable works of nonfiction"; and many more!

Dec 18, 2014

• NEW YORK TIMES: “Janet Maslin’s Top 10 Favorite Books of 2014:
• WASHINGTON POST: “50 notable works of nonfiction”
• FINANCIAL TIMES: “Best Books of 2014” in Business category:
• HOUSTON CHRONICLE - Best Books of 2014
• KIRKUS: “Best Nonfiction Books of 2014” (full list)
• Amazon’s Best of 2014 – included in 4 sections: Top 100 in Print, Nonfiction (full Nonfiction list), Business & Investing (full business list), History (full history list)
• – Top Science and Tech Books of 2014
• – best books of 2014
• NPR/ “Science Friday” – best science books of 2014: listen (Ira Flatow recommends THE INNOVATORS first!)
• ¬– THE INNOVATORS considered among best books of 2014 from recommendations by President of Goldman Sachs Abby Joseph Cohen, former US Treasury secretary Henry M. Paulson, and former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan
• WALL STREET JOURNAL – “12 Months of Reading”: Mohamed El-Erian recommends THE INNOVATORS
• FORBES - Turning the Page on 2014: “Isaacson's book offers a magisterial, detailed sweep, from the invention of the steam engine to the high-tech marvels of today, with profiles of the great innovators who made it all happen. Among the book's excellent advice is this gem from computing pioneer Howard Aiken: ‘Don't worry about people stealing an idea. If it's original, you will have to ram it down their throats.’”
• Marginal Revolution (Tyler Cowen’s blog) – Best nonfiction books of 2014

• Winner of 800-CEO-READ’s Book of the Year award in the Innovation and Creativity category
• Winner for World Technology Awards in the Media & Journalism category:
• Longlisted for the National Book Awards in Nonfiction:
• Longlisted for the FT & Mckinsey Business Book of the Year Award:

10/6 NPR/ “Morning Edition” listen
10/6 NPR/ “Fresh Air” listen
10/7 CNBC-TV/ “Squawk Box” – Walter guest hosts for a full hour with a book segment
10/10 Nationally Syndicated Radio/ “The Laura Ingraham Show”
10/10 PBS-TV/ “Charlie Rose Show”
10/12 CBS-TV/ “CBS Sunday Morning” – profile on Walter, filmed at TechCrunch’s Disruption Conference, the Computer History Museum, and Walter’s home in DC
10/13 CBS-TV/ “CBS This Morning”
10/13 Comedy Central/ “Colbert Report”
10/13 MSNBC-TV/ “Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell”
10/14 MSNBC-TV/ “Morning Joe”
10/14 PBS-TV/ “Newshour” video link
10/20 MSNBC-TV/ “Andrea Mitchell Show”
10/21 CNBC-TV/ “Squawk Alley”
10/21 MSNBC-TV/ “The Cycle”
10/22 Bloomberg-TV/ “Surveillance” – Walter guests hosts for a full hour with book segment
10/24 NPR/ “Science Friday” listen
10/25 CNN-TV/ “Fareed Zakaria GPS” – part of a news roundtable
10/25 Bloomberg Radio/ “A Closer Look with Arthur Levitt”
11/1 CNN-TV/ “Fareed Zakaria GPS” – book of the week on-air plug
11/1 CSPAN/ “Book TV” – taping appearance at the Computer History Museum on 10/14
11/3 NPR/ “It's Your World” – taped 10/15
11/15 Sirius XM Radio/ POTUS channel/ “No Labels with Gov. Jon Huntsman”
11/21 MSNBC-TV/ “Morning Joe” cancelled due to breaking news
11/21 MSNBC-TV/ “Now with Alex Wagner” cancelled due to breaking news
11/24 CNBC-TV/ “Closing Bell” – on for full hour
11/25 Sirius XM Radio/ “Stand Up! with Pete Dominick”
11/26 MSNBC-TV/ “Morning Joe”
11/30 CNN-TV/ “Fareed Zakaria GPS” – taped 10/23 about book/innovation
12/8 NPR/“Big Picture Science” – taped 11/19 listen
12/12 NPR/ “Science Friday” – best science books of 2014: listen (Ira Flatow recommends THE INNOVATORS first!)
12/16 CNBC-TV/ “Squawk Alley”
2/1/15 CSPAN/ Book TV – interview with Peter Slen
tk CNN-TV/ “The Lead w/ Jake Tapper” – taped 10/13
tk NPR/ “Tech Nation” – taped 10/15

8/12 NEW YORK TIMES– mention in article about upcoming bestsellers
8/14 PUBLISHERS WEEKLY – starred review: “fascinating book…[Isaacson’s] entertaining biographical sketches cover headline personalities and unsung toilers…. Isaacson examines these figures in lucid, detailed narratives, recreating marathon sessions of lab research, garage tinkering, and all-night coding in which they struggled to translate concepts into working machinery. Isaacson’s absorbing study shows that technological progress is a team sport.”
8/15 KIRKUS – starred review: “A panoramic history of technological revolution . . . a sweeping, thrilling tale . . . Throughout his action-packed story, Isaacson . . . offers vivid portraits—many based on firsthand interviews—[and] weaves prodigious research and deftly crafted anecdotes into a vigorous, gripping narrative about the visionaries whose imaginations and zeal continue to transform our lives.”
9/1 ASSOCIATED PRESS – fall books roundup
9/4 USA TODAY – fall books roundup
9/9 KIRKUS – 10 Nonfiction Books You'll Be Hearing About This Fall
9/15 BOOKLIST – starred review: “a remarkable overview of the history of computers from the man who brought us biographies of Steve Jobs, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and Henry Kissinger…Isaacson manages to bring together the entire universe of computing, from the first digitized loom to the web, presented in a very accessible manner that often reads like a thriller.”
9/15 LIBRARY JOURNAL – starred review: “Anyone who uses a computer in any of its contemporary shapes or who has an interest in modern history will enjoy this book. It should be on the reading lists of book discussions groups and high school and college courses across the curriculum.”
9/22 PUBLISHERS WEEKLY – feature interview
9/27 WALL STREET JOURNAL – A Lesson from Alan Turing by Isaacson
October VANITY FAIR – 1st serial excerpt (subrights) and original essay (2 articles!) – on stands
October ELLE – review
October HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW – article on innovation past and present with 4 other books
October NATURE – review
October RHAPSODY (United Airlines mag) – Q&A
October COSTCO CONNECTION – staff picks
10/2 NEW YORK TIMES – book and author featured in Nick Bilton’s tech column about women in the industry
10/5 NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW – review: “[a] sweeping and surprisingly tenderhearted history of the digital age….absorbing and valuable, and Isaacson’s outsize narrative talents are on full display. Few authors are more adept at translating technical jargon into graceful prose, or at illustrating how hubris and greed can cause geniuses to lose their way….‘The Innovators’ segues into its rollicking last act, in which hardware becomes commoditized and software goes ascent….The book evinces a genuine affection for tis subjects that makes it tough to resist. Isaacson confesses early on that he was once ‘an electronics geek who loved Heathkits and ham radios,’ and that background seems to have given him keen insight into how youthful passion transforms into professional obsession. His book is thus most memorable not for its intricate accounts of astounding breakthroughs and the business dramas that followed, but rather for the quieter moments in which we realize that most primal drive for innovators is a need to feel childlike joy.”
10/5 USA TODAY – New and Noteworthy
10/6 FORTUNE – 1st serial excerpt (subrights) – on stands 9/20
10/6-12 BLOOMBERG BUSINESS WEEK – review: “…sharing their joy, he captures the primal satisfaction of solving problems together and changing the world….In a way, the book is about the complex lines of force and influence in male friendships, the egging each other on and ranking each other out.” (on stands 10/2)
10/7 USA TODAY – feature interview
10/7 TIME – article by Isaacson about bitcoin
10/8 ASSOCIATED PRESS – feature interview
Picked up by ABC News, The Denver Post, The Tampa Tribune, Salisbury Post (NC),
San Francisco Chronicle, Westerly Sun (RI), Repository (Canton, OH), Decatur Daily (AL), Observer Reporter (PA), Salisbury Post (NC), The Daily News (Genesee, Wyoming, and Orleans NY), Ocala Star Banner (FL)
10/9 NEW YORK TIMES – review in daily Arts section
10/9 BOOKFORUM – review
10/10 on stands PEOPLE – new nonfiction: “Steve Jobs’s biographer delivers a fascinating, informative
look at the quirky ‘collaborative creatures’ who invented the computer and Internet.”
10/10 FINANCIAL TIMES –review: “[A] tour d’horizon of the computer age . . . [The Innovators] presents a deeply comforting, humanistic vision: of how a succession of brilliant individuals, often working together in mutually supportive groups, built on each others’ ideas to create a pervasive digital culture in which man and machine live together in amicable symbiosis. . . . a fresh perspective on the birth of the information age.”
10/12 NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW – “Editor’s Choice” column inclusion
10/13 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR – review : “The Innovators . . . does far more than analyze the hardware and software that gave birth to digital revolution – it fully explores the women and men who created the ideas that birthed the gadgets. . . . Isaacson tells stories of vanity and idealism, of greed and sacrifice, and of the kind of profound complexity that lies behind the development of seemingly simple technological improvements. . . . Isaacson is skilled at untangling the tangled strands of memory and documentation and then reweaving them into a coherent tapestry that illustrates how something as complicated and important as the microchip emerged from a series of innovations piggybacking off of one another for decades (centuries, ultimately.) . . . It’s a portrait both of a technology, and the culture that nurtured it. That makes it a remarkable book, and an example for other would-be gadget chroniclers to keep readily at hand before getting lost in a labyrinth of ones and zeros – at the expense of the human beings who built the maze in the first place.”
10/20 TIME – 2/3 page book coverage
10/25 THE ECONOMIST – review : “The argument against the great man theory of invention is not new. But the main merit of Walter Isaacson’s ‘The Innovators’ is to show that this is particularly true in information technology—despite the customary lionization of many of its pioneers, from Babbage and Alan Turing to Bill Gates and Linus Torvalds….Mr Isaacson excels at explaining complex concepts.”
November SUCCESS magazine – review: “In The Innovators, Isaacson succeeds in filling our knowledge gap by crafting a richly detailed history that traces the evolution of these modern tools and pays homage to the people whose names and contributions to computer science are little-known to most of us…. The Innovators is as much about the essence of creativity and genius as it is about cathode tubes, binary programs, circuit boards, microchips and everything in between.”
11/3 NEW YORK TIMES – mentioned in media article about CNET magazine
11/21 on stands TIME – cover story on Alan Turing, written by Isaacson
11/23 FORBES – Opinion feature piece
11/24 KIRKUS: 6 Must-reads to Finish in the Last 6 Weeks of the Year" link
November WASHINGTON LIFE MAGAZINE – 2nd serial (subrights)
Nov/Dec DEPARTURES – full-page Q&A
December VOGUE – shout-out in article on women of Silicon Valley
December TEMPUS MAGAZINE – 2nd serial excerpt (subrights)
12/1 NEW YORK TIMES ¬– included in Holiday Gift Guide
12/1 BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK – article by Isaacson about the microchip (shout-out on the cover)
12/5 NATIONAL JOURNAL – what former Senate Majority leader Tom Daschle is reading
12/6 WALL STREET JOURNAL – article by Isaacson about digitizing Einstein’s papers
12/13 WALL STREET JOURNAL – “12 Months of Reading”: Mohamed El-Erian recommends THE INNOVATORS
January SOUTHWEST: the magazine (in flight) – Q&A
Tk FOREIGN AFFAIRS – interview

10/7-14 – online ads (380,000 impressions)
10/20 NEW YORK TIMES – Barnes & Noble ad in the Metro section
November CNET Magazine – Full page ad
11/30 NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW – centerfold (2 full pages)
12/5 on stands TIME – full page ad (12/15 issue)
12/10-31 – 400,000 impressions across the site

8/22 HUFFINGTON POST – mention
8/25 – Dealbook reading list
9/16 – 13 recommended readings for creative leaders this fall
9/22 250 Words – 9 New Business Books to Read in October
9/26 Business Wire – Books-A-Million Releases Top 10 Autumn Reading List
10/4 –What your CEO is reading--Elon Musk reading THE INNOVATORS
10/5 – TBR podcast interview with Pamela Paul
10/5 SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE – 2nd Review (online only)
10/6 The Hub magazine– review
10/6 MacRumors – review
10/6 Gizmodo – Q&A : “A sweeping history of the digital revolution, and the curious partnerships and pulsing rivalries that inhabit it.”
10/7 –review: “[Isaacson’s] careful, well-organized book, written in lucid prose accessible to even the most science-challenged, is well worth reading for its capable survey of the myriad strands that intertwined to form the brave new, ultra-connected world we live in today.”
10/7 250 Words - Walter Isaacson and The Myth of the Lone Genius
10/8 SLATE – 2nd serial excerpt (subrights)
10/9 Keystone Edge – feature: Memo to Innovators and CEOs: It Takes a Team
10/9 Upstart Biz Journals – mention in video feature
10/10 excerpt (subrights)
10/12 VentureBeat – 3 most important people + author Q&A
10/12 PR Week – Isaacson Lauds PR’s role in the digital age
10/13 THEATLANTIC.COM – review + Q&A: “The Innovators…is riveting, propulsive and at times deeply moving…. One of Isaacson’s jealousy-provoking gifts is his ability to translate complicated science into English—those who have read his biographies of Einstein and Steve Jobs understand that Isaacson is a kind of walking Rosetta Stone of physics and computer programming…. The Innovators is one of the most organically optimistic books I think I've ever read. It is a stirring reminder of what Americans are capable of doing when they think big, risk failure, and work together.”
10/13 Omnivoracious (Amazon blog) – Q&A
10/13 – Feature article on book
10/14 B&N review (appears on right hand of reviews main page) - article
10/14 Recode – video interview
10/16 Business Insider – coverage of Walter’s LinkedIn post
10/16 VentureBeat – Podcast interview
10/17 – excerpt (subrights)
10/19 TheDailyBeast–Excerpt (subrights)
10/20 –feature with our Studio 4 assets
10/23 Jezebel – op-ed that features on book
10/24 HUFFINGTON POST– review
10/25 –15 Best Non-Fiction Books For Your Current Reading List
10/27 LA Times Technology Now – mention of Isaacson on Wikipedia and Daily Beast link
10/27 – mention in piece about women coders
10/27 Big Think! – video
10/28 TÚAW (Unofficial Apple Weblog) – post on Isaacson’s BigThink Interview
10/30 Reddit – chat
11/4 Washington Business Journal – Q&A
11/5 LifeHacker – Q&A
11/7 – Q&A with readers
11/11 The Diamondback Online (UMD Student Newspaper) – feature on Isaacson appearance
11/13 – Top Science and Tech Books of 2014
11/18 Jewish Media Review – posted today on the email list “An excellent, stimulating, informative read.”
11/19 – Interview
11/21 DALLAS MORNING NEWS blog – What Al Michaels (Cowboys game ref) reads, book mention
11/23 – Q&A
11/24 Marginal Revolution (Tyler Cowen’s blog) – Best nonfiction books of 2014
11/26 Washington Post’s On Leadership Blog – Great leadership books for your holiday shopping list
11/28 Big Think – Walter Isaacson on Alan Turing
11/28 – 15 Best Non-Fiction Books for Your Current Reading List
11/30 INC magazine/Fiscal Times – interview
11/30 ¬– Andrew Rosenthal: By the Book – what he’s reading (Times Premier)
Q: What books are currently on your night stand?
A: Well, if my iPad qualifies as my night stand (I’ve been reading books almost exclusively that way for a while now), I have Walter Isaacson’s “The Innovators”…
December – 2nd serial excerpt (subrights)
12/2 – The 7 Most Thought-Provoking Books of 2014 round-up
12/6 Sun News Miami – review of book and coverage of MBFI appearance
12/8 – best books of 2014 for holiday gifts
12/8 Tech Republic – Review
12/8 Big Picture Science online – podcast interview on the future of computing
12/10 Brain Pickings – review/feature
12/10 FORBES - 8 Great 2014 Books To Improve Your Mind And Make You More Successful!
12/11 Silicon Hills news (tech news about Austin/San Antonio) -¬ coverage of Dell event
12/12 ¬– THE INNOVATORS considered among best books of 2014 from recommendations by President of Goldman Sachs Abby Joseph Cohen, former US Treasury secretary Henry M. Paulson, and former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan
12/15 – the-books-we-missed round-up
12/29 FORBES - Turning the Page on 2014: “Isaacson's book offers a magisterial, detailed sweep, from the invention of the steam engine to the high-tech marvels of today, with profiles of the great innovators who made it all happen. Among the book's excellent advice is this gem from computing pioneer Howard Aiken: ‘Don't worry about people stealing an idea. If it's original, you will have to ram it down their throats.’”
12/15 Inside Higher Ed Technology and Learning Blog –review of the book
tk – Geek’s Guide the Galaxy podcast interview - 12/15 taped
TK Book Report Network – review
TK CNET– video
Tk TechCrunch – video interview

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10/13 San Francisco/ KGO-AM/ “Ronn Owens Show”
10/15 San Francisco/ KKSF-AM/ “Gil Gross Show”
10/22 NYC/ WNYC-FM (NPR affil)/ “Brian Lehrer Show”
10/27 ABC Radio Tour – live morning drive-time shows across the country
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10/27 Los Angeles/ KPCC-FM (NPR affil)/ “AirTalk with Larry Mantle”
11/4 DC/ WAMU-FM (NPR affil)/ “Kojo Nnamdi Show”
11/7 tape Albany + New England/ WAMC-FM (NPR affil)/ “Roundtable”
11/9 DC/ NBC 4-TV/ “Press Pass”– plugged on “Meet the Press” and airs locally
11/20 Park City, UT KPCW-FM (NPR affil)/ “Cool Science Radio”
11/24 tape Aspen / Aspen Public Radio/ “News”
11/24 tape Grand Rapids, MI/ “WGVU-FM (NPR affil)/ “Morning News”
11/25 New Orleans/ WWNO-FM (NPR affil) / “The Reading Life”
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12/10 tape Austin/ KUT-FM (NPR affil)/ “The Texas Standard”
12/15 Dallas/KERA-FM (NPR Affil) / Dallas Morning News book editors talked about “a year of reading”—INNOVATORS included
1/8/15 SF/ KQED-FM (NPR affil)/ airs event at the Computer History Museum

8/24 SAN ANTONIO NEWS EXPRESS – fall books roundup
8/25-9/7 NEW YORK MAGAZINE – included in fall preview
9/4 PATRIOT LEDGER (MA) – 14 Best Business books to read this fall
9/8 HOUSTON CHRONICLE – fall books roundup
October NEW YORK MAGAZINE – 8 books you need to read this October: “…a project whose gestation preceded Steve Jobs and whose vision exceeds it. Employing a cast of dozens and a span of centuries, Isaacson straddles the chasm between Great Man worship and more communal theories of innovation.”
10/5 SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE – review: “In ‘The Innovators,’ Isaacson provides a sweeping and scintillating narrative of the inventors, engineers and entrepreneurs who have given the world computers and the Internet. ‘The Innovators’ is the result of a near-perfect marriage of author and subject.”
10/5 WASHINGTON POST – review : “This sharing of credit is not just for the reader’s edification. ‘The Innovators’ is the most accessible and comprehensive history of its kind…The closer the book approaches the present, the more electric it gets. Its insider interviews reveal compelling tales of the intimate and often pornographic origin of blogs, the ascent of Google, and the miracles of open source. ”
10/5 MIAMI HERALD – review: “Isaacson succeeds in telling an accessible tale tailored to a general interest audience. He avoids the overhyped quicksand that swallows many technology writers as they miscast tiny incremental advances as ‘revolutionary.ʼ Instead Isaacson focuses on the evolutionary nature of progress. The Innovators succeeds in large part because Isaacson repeatedly shows how these visionaries, through design or dumb luck, were able to build and improve on the accomplishments of previous generations.”
10/5 FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAPH – New and Notable
10/5 HOUSTON CHRONICLE – review picked up on the wires: “In his new book, ‘The Innovators,’ Walter Isaacson draws a clear, bright line from the earliest concept of thinking machines — which, amazingly, came from the estranged daughter of a flamboyant, scandalous poet — to hulking postwar devices that filled whole rooms, the personal computers that perched on our desktops in the ‘90s, and the slim, Internet-connected slabs we carry in our pockets and purses today…. Isaacson is a master of detail, which helps the sprawling cast of ‘The Innovators’ come to life…. If you think you know everything about computers, read “The Innovators.” Surprises await on every page.”
10/5 OMAHA WORLD-HERALD (NE) – new books
10/9 SANTA BARBARA INDEPENDENT – interview feature
10/11 DALLAS MORNING NEWS – review: “If anyone could compress all that into a readable narrative, it would be Isaacson, the former managing editor of Time and author of magnificent biographies of Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs….‘The Innovators’ shows Isaacson at his best in segments where his talents as a biographer have room to run.”
10/12 SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE – mention in article about women in tech in business section
10/12 SANTA BARBARA NEWS-PRESS – feature interview
10/12 COLUMBUS DISPATCH – new books recommendations
10/18 MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE – ran Dallas Morning News review
10/17 ASPEN TIMES – review: “For a book about programmers and algorithms, ‘The Innovators’ is a lively, enthusiastically written tale and a worthwhile read, not only for tech-heads but for anyone interested in how computers got into our pockets and how innovation works.” (Also ran in Vail Times)
10/19 PROVIDENCE JOURNAL – review (shortened version of the Dallas Morning News)
10/19 PORTLAND PRESS HERALD (ME) – review (shortened version of the Dallas Morning News)
10/21 BOSTON GLOBE – review: “[a] landmark new work...In this often surprising history, Isaacson offers an encyclopedic account of the technological breakthroughs that made modern computers and networks possible: programming, transistors, chips, software, graphics, desktop computers, and the Internet.”
10/21 SACRAMENTO BEE – fall nonfiction roundup: “The brilliant Isaacson follows his mega-selling 2011 biography of Apple founder Steve Jobs with this detailed account of the legendary and unsung people who invented the computer and then the Internet.”
10/22 NEW YORK POST – quote and mention
10/25 LOS ANGELES TIMES – weekend reading list
10/26 TENNESSEAN (Nashville) – about book and Steve Jobs bio
10/27 THE ADVOCATE (Baton Rouge, LA) - Isaacson's lessons for Louisiana
10/28 PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE – book feature
10/30 RALEIGH NEWS & OBSERVERW – Holiday gift guide
11/1 ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION – feature interview
11/1 RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH – review: “Fueled by entertaining anecdotes, quirky characters and a strong argument for creative collaboration, “The Innovators” is a fascinating history of all things digital, even for readers who align themselves more with Lord Byron than with his math-savvy daughter.”
11/6 WASHINGTON POST– feature coverage of Capital Connection keynote address
11/19 NEW ORLEANS TIMES-PICAYUNE – feature interview
11/30 SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE – holiday gift guide
11/30 CHARLESTON POST AND COURIER – review: “a significant addition to [Isaacson’s] list of best-selling nonfiction works with The Innovators…. Isaacson thoroughly examines the lives of such landmark personalities as Alan Turing, John von Neumann, J.C.R. Licklider, Robert Noyce, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, Tim Berners-Lee, Jobs and others. The most well-read of technocrats will still learn a lot from these thoroughly researched 542 pages. He shows with repeated examples that an Aha moment often went nowhere without the necessary collaborators to help flesh out the idea, or make it producible, or sell it. Collaboration is, indeed, a major theme of the book…. [The Innovators] reads as easily as the best of them. Isaacson truly has earned his spot on the best-seller lists.”
December ARCADIANA LYFESTYLE (LA) – Holiday Gift Guide
12/3 HARVARD GAZETTE – Isaacson discusses Grace Hopper
12/4 CHICAGO TRIBUNE – article for business column on inventing the computer
12/4 HOUSTON CHRONICLE - Best Books of 2014
12/4 TELEGRAPH HERALD (Dubuque, IA) – 800-CEO-Reads reading list (syndicated list)
12/5 PORTLAND OREGONIAN – holiday gift roundup
12/7 LOS ANGELES TIMES – featured in Holiday Gift Guide
12/7 BUFFALO NEWS – Science books make excellent holiday gifts
12/9 THE ADVOCATE (LA) – Column about computers and human minds, references book
12/10 THE RECORDER (SF) – Viewpoint: Isaacson’s “The Innovators” Leaves out the Lawyers
12/13 VENTURA COUNTY STAR (CA) – “winning books” roundup
tk ASPEN MAGAZINE – interview
Tk BOCA RATON OBSERVER magazine– review

EVENTS (12 cities)
9/9 San Francisco/ Tech Crunch Disruption Conference (no sales; pre-order info distributed; event is streamed)
10/7-9 San Francisco/ Vanity Fair + Aspen, etc., The New Establishment events (Books Inc sells)
10/7 San Francisco/ Aspen Institute event (Books Inc)
10/8 San Francisco/ Intel @ 2-3pm (books ordered from Books-A-Million or 800-CEO-Reads)
10/10 Washington, DC/ Google (books ordered from Books-A-Million or 800-CEO-Reads)
10/12 Washington, DC/ PRSA conference (books ordered from Books-A-Million or 800-CEO-Reads)
10/14 San Francisco/ Computer History Museum (Kepler’s sells)
10/15 San Francisco/ Google (Books Inc sells)
10/15 San Francisco/ Book Passage @ Grace Cathedral downtown
10/16 Santa Barbara/ UC Santa Barbara (The Den sells)
10/16 Santa Barbara/ WSB: Goldman Sachs annual meeting (books ordered from Books-A-Million or 800-CEO-Reads)
10/17 Los Angeles/ Vromans off-site event at Pasadena Convention Center
10/20 Washington, DC/ Government Executive Media Group keynote (books purchased from Politics & Prose)
10/20 Philadelphia/ Free Library of Philadelphia (Joseph Fox Books sells)
10/21 NYC/ private book party (no sales)
10/22 NYC/ Google (ebooks gifted to attendees via Google Books and Kindle)
10/22 NYC/ World Science Festival @ New York Historical Society (Posman books sells)
10/23 NYC/ WSB: Urban Land Institute, 2:30-4:40pm (books bought for 200+ attendees from BAM or CEO-Reads)
10/23 NYC/ Barnes & Noble Union Square
10/25 Washington, DC/ Book party
10/27 Washington, DC/ Friendship Heights (Barnes & Noble sells)
10/28 Washington, DC/ Aspen Institute staff event (books ordered from Politics & Prose)
10/29 Washington, DC/ Washington Ideas Fest (Politics & Prose sells)
10/30 Washington, DC/ Sulgrave Club (Politics & Prose sells)
10/31 Philadelphia/ WSB: Penn University in afternoon
11/3 Toronto/ S&S Canada– see sep. AC Memo
11/4 Washington, DC/ Capital Connection – Keynote address keynote (ebooks ordered)
11/4 Washington, DC/ Politics & Prose off-site at Sixth & I Synagogue
11/5 Portland, ME/ WSB: WEX Inc. Leadership and Creativity Event Series @ Univ of South ME (books ordered from Books-A-Million or 800-CEO-Reads)
11/6 Washington, DC/ Metro Club (Politics & Prose sells)
11/8 Atlanta/ JCC Festival (A Cappella Books sells)
11/10 MD/ University of Maryland – Worldwise Arts & Humanities Dean’s Lecture series (campus store sells)
11/11 Washington, DC/ WSB: Bank of America private event (books ordered from Books-A-Million or 800-CEO-Reads)
11/14 NYC/ Aspen Institute at Roosevelt House at Hunter College (Follett campus bookstore)
11/19 Washington, DC/ Board of Trade (books purchased from Politics & Prose)
11/22 Miami/ Miami Book Festival (Books & Books sells)
11/24-25 London/ S&S UK – see sep. AC Memo
11/29 New Orleans/ Garden District Books @ Newman School
12/1 New Orleans/ Ideas Village (Garden District sells)
12/1 New Orleans/Uptown JCC in p.m. (Octavia Books sells)
12/2 Chicago/ Chicago Council on Global Affairs (The Bookstall sells)
12/3 Chicago/ Virtual Signing (at Lincoln Bookshop)
12/5 Boston/ Private event with the Boston Chamber of Commerce (Harvard Bookstore sells)
12/5 Boston/ Harvard Bookstore off-site @ First Parish Church
12/6 Boston/ Grace Hopper day on Harvard campus + Harvard Coop signing
12/8 Louisville/Kentucky Author Forum
12/9 Houston/ Brazos – stock signing
12/9 Houston/ private event hosted by Lazard Freres (books bought for attendees from BAM or CEO-Reads)
12/10 Austin/ Book People – lunchtime signing
12/10 Austin/ Aspen event at UT with Michael Dell (campus store sells)
12/11 Washington, DC/ WSB: CISCO (books pre-purchased)
12/11 Washington, DC/ Howard Hughes Medical Institute/Janelia Farm (books purchased from Politics & Prose)
12/12 Wye, MD/ Aspen Institute private party (books purchased from Politics & Prose)
12/14 Washington, DC/ Kesher Israel Synagogue event (Bridge Street Books sells)
12/15 Washington, DC/ Private event with the SEC (books purchased from Politics & Prose)
1/5/15 Boca Raton, FL/ private event with GE (purchasing 700 books thru Hooks Books/Politics & Prose)
1/7/15 Washington, DC/ AEI Center for Internet, Communications and Technology Policy (Politics & Prose sells)
1/12/15 Washington, DC/ Neustar (books purchased from Politics & Prose)
1/14/15 NYC/ University Club
1/14/15 NYC/ Digital Book World
1/15/15 NYC/ CBS internal event
1/15/15 NYC/ Union Club Book Night (Corner Bookstore sells)
1/25/15 New Orleans/ CASE-NAIS Conference
3/8/15 NYC/ 92 Y – part of the Genius series
3/16/15 Austin/SXSW

10/6 Amazon (weekly) General – highest ranking #13
10/16 ABA IndieBound Hardcover Non-fiction – highest ranking #4
10/18 WALL STREET JOURNAL Hardcover Non-fiction– highest ranking #8
Combined Print/eBook Nonfiction – highest ranking #5
10/20 PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Hardcover Non-fiction – highest ranking #6
10/21 Barnes & Noble Hardcover Non-fiction – highest ranking #8
10/23 USA TODAY General – highest ranking #23
10/26 NEW YORK TIMES: Hardcover Non-fiction – highest ranking #4
Combined Print/eBook Nonfiction – highest ranking #3
eBook Nonfiction – highest ranking #2
November NEW YORK TIMES Best Selling Business Books – highest ranking #1 link to list
November NEW YORK TIMES Best Selling Science Books – highest ranking #2 link to list

5/19 AP – story on BEA keynote presentation
Pickup: ABC News, Miami Herald, Fox Chicago, NBC Albany, Eureka Times-Standard (CA), Bradenton Herald (FL), Hanover Evening Sun (PA), ABC Austin, and more.
6/23 PUBLISHERS WEEKLY – News: ‘A Bustling BEA 2014’ – Walter Isaacson quoted