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2015 Keeps Rolling for The Innovators

Walter Isaacson writes about cyber security for Time and is doing a number of events for The Innovators this spring.

Jan 12, 2015

1/12 MSNBC-TV/ “Andrea Mitchell Show” – discussing “The Imitation Game,” Isaacson’s TIME article, and book
2/1 C-SPAN / Book TV /“In Depth with Peter Slen”

January SOUTHWEST: the (in flight) magazine – Q&A
1/2 WASHINGTON POST – mention in Fareed Zakaria’s syndicated column, picked up by and numerous local papers
1/4 DAILY NEWS (Bowling Green, KY) – review: “[an] exquisite volume. If you are familiar with [Isaacson’s] prior work, you already know the author is a gifted raconteur. His literary style is a perfect marriage of grassroots journalism and superb investigative reporting; Isaacson is able to get close to his subjects without losing his objectivity. The more I read, the more I come to realize this is an increasingly rare talent. At the same time, he makes it look easy….‘The Innovators’ succeeds as a major contribution not only to the history of technology, but also as a testament to the fundamental nature of individuals and their inseparable connection to the culture and society to which they belong.…After reflecting on the incontrovertible evidence provided for this thesis on virtually every page of Isaacson’s masterpiece, it would be difficult to deny the author is not onto something profound. I highly recommend ‘The Innovators’ to anyone searching for a clearer understanding of how computers and their progeny became so infused into every aspect of our daily lives – and what it means for our collective future.”
1/9 on stands TIME – Original piece about internet security, byline mentions book (1/19 issue)

January Commentary (iPad edition) – 2nd serial excerpt (subrights)
1/3 – Geek’s Guide the Galaxy podcast interview - 12/15 taped
1/4 Leadership & Learning w/ Kevin Eikenberry – mention of book in review of American Sketches
1/8 Big Think – Video interview and article about crowdsourced authorship, features book

1/8 San Francisco/ KQED-FM (NPR affil) – airs event at the Computer History Museum

1/5 Boca Raton, FL/ private event with GE (purchasing 700 books thru Hooks Books/Politics & Prose)
1/7 Washington, DC/ AEI Center for Internet, Communications and Technology Policy (Off-Site Books sells)
1/13 Washington, DC/ State Dept. (no sales)
1/14 NYC/ Digital Book World (no sales)
1/14 NYC/ University Club (McNally Jackson sells)
1/15 NYC/ CBS internal event (orders books from S&S)
1/15 NYC/ Union Club Book Night (Corner Bookstore sells)
1/20 Washington, DC/ Smithsonian & US Patent Office –panel on American Innovation (Smithsonian sells)
1/25 New Orleans/ CASE-NAIS Conference (ordering 1100 books)
1/26 Golden, CO/ WSB: Colorado School of Mines
3/8 NYC/ 92 Y – part of the Genius series (B&N sells)
3/16 Austin/SXSW – in conversation with Megan Smith, U.S. Chief Technology Officer
3/25-27 San Francisco/ S&S Speakers Bureau – details tk
4/18 NYC/ NY Historical Society – Weekend with History keynote (museum store sells)
5/4 Washington, DC/ WSB: Assoc for Advanced Life Underwriting
5/7 Nashville/ WSB: Vanderbilt University
5/18 Bethlehem, PA/ Lehigh University Commencement Address
5/30 Orlando, FL / WSB: DLY Piper event

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