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The Laws of Medicine Gets Great Press and Reviews

Dr. Mukherjee's new book is getting great attention.

Oct 29, 2015

**Dr. Mukherjee will appear for a full hour on NPR’s “Diane Rehm Show” 11/5**

**Dr. Oz re-promoted the book on the 10/15 episode of “The Dr. Oz Show”
as follow-up to Mukherjee’s appearance on 9/25**

**Review in Booklist 10/15**
"The prose is lovely, often witty, always clear...a fast and informative read."
National broadcast
9/25/15 Dr. Oz Show/Syndicated TV – taped, part 1, part 2
10/15/15 Dr. Oz Show/Syndicated TV – 40-second promotional spot for the book
11/5/15 Diane Rehm Show/NPR – live

6/22/15 Publishers Weekly – featured in Fall Announcements, Top 10 Science Books
8/15/15 Kirkus Reviews – starred review
10/15/15 Booklist – review
November More Magazine – short review

9/24/15 A Bookish Type – review
10/12/15 Medscape – video of 9/29 event
10/21/15 Booktrib – review

9/29/15 Medscape/New York, NY – conversation with Dr. Eric Topol
10/8/15 Pera Soho/New York, NY – private publication party