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Michaeleen Doucleff

Award-winning journalist and prominent voice on the evolution of parenting and child psychology. Her NYT bestselling book, Hunt, Gather, Parent, explores how the oldest cultures in the world have mastered the art of raising happy, well-adjusted children. As a correspondent for NPR’s Science Desk, Doucleff also expertly examines global health, diseases, vaccines, and more.

Zakiya Dalila Harris

Critically acclaimed author and in-demand speaker whose thrilling debut novel, The Other Black Girl, was an instant NYT bestseller. Her writing and speaking initiates eye-opening and candid discussions that highlight the microaggressions, racism, and hierarchies that often develop in the workplace, especially in overwhelmingly white industries.

Melissa Shapiro

Veterinarian, life-long animal welfare advocate, and the driving force behind the social media phenomenon Piglet, the deaf, blind, pink puppy. As an in-demand speaker, Dr. Shapiro shares their inspirational story to teach the Piglet Mindset: an educational outreach program on growth mindset, acceptance, inclusion, empathy, and kindness.

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